Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Sorry for the quiet over here. I have been working on a side own new blog home! I played with WordPress for the past month...Fell in love with it...and made the leap to buying my own domain and spot on the web. It should be live and ready for visitors this weekend so I'll invite you over then!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Thank goodness the month of June is over!! I swear, May and June have been so frustrating in terms of my weight loss efforts. After my last post, I lost one pound and thought I'd have another great loss on Saturday. I almost cried when I found out I was up six pounds. OK, I did have a good cry when I was alone. I exercised, drank mostly water, and ate more good things like veggies these past two weeks and this is the way the scale tries to hurt me!

Do not fear, I will not give up! Going through my weight loss history, I have always had problems after making three or more great months of progress. I either hit a plateau, gain, or just give up. Why do I do it? I don't brain likes to mess with me sometimes. Maybe I just am not pushing myself as much as smaller clothes still fit...I give myself treats more often...I skip a WW day off from working out becomes two... It all begins to add up. Arrrgh commitment sucks but I need to get my focus back.

So, it is time to get back on track. I have joined a new challenge, bought a blender so that I can try one of those Green Monsters all you other bloggers rave about, going back to beatings from Jillian by using her videos, and also changing up my food by using some of the techniques in her new book. I also will set up an appointment with a doctor in the next week (yes, I really will go this time) just to make sure I'm in good working order and probably get back on some meds that I keep forgetting to get renewed. I also need to get back to regular blogging...that seemed to help me stay accountable. So, get ready to see more of less of me around here!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Whip Me With a Wet Noodle!

I am back again! Remember how I had a lovely laptop that broke and got to use another beauty while it was in the shop? Well, the repair needed is not covered and I can't afford it with dreaded wedding expenses looming. So, I'm back to using the desktop with the horribly uncomfortable chair! You won't be getting any video posts for a bit because this old bugger doesn't have the guts to handle it. I'd rather post from my iPod Touch, but I haven't found any free Blogger apps and only recognizes the title as a spot to type! I know I could send posts via email on it, but I don't like that way. I see WordPress has a nice app so maybe I should move this blog. Or just quit whining and suck it up!

Anywho, May was a total suckfest on the weight-loss front. After losing 32 pounds, the scale would not budge. I tried eating less, eating more, exercising harder, and drinking more water to no avail. I missed one WW meeting due to my sister's wedding out of town and was greeted with an EIGHT POUND GAIN the following week. My scale at home told me I still weighed the same so I was shocked! My home scale is either a dirty tease or needs anew battery. A day or two later, my Aunt Flo made a short (less than 48 hour) visit so I figured that was a culprit. But, I still am only 0.6 pounds down from that high and two weeks have passed. I am so frustrated right now!

I guess it's time to keep up with food tracking and let Jillian kick my ass more than my Wii workout rotation. That is what worked at the beginning. I have heard great things about the EA Active game, but I can't buy that yet. The scale might not like me right now, but I refuse to give up!

Also, I will post some wedding pictures with my awesome blue dress as soon as I find my camera cord or admit defeat and finally open a Facebook account to grab some of the pictures from there. Giggleman will no longer enable me by letting me peek using his account. Grrrr! I also will be back to commenting on posts soon...but I must get off this chair now!

Friday, May 29, 2009

I'll Be Back Soon!

Lack of opportunities to blog has kept this spot too quiet!! I have a bunch to share with you all so I will be back soon with a REAL update!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Biggest Loser Competitions Never End!

First off, I had a great weigh-in on Saturday! I was down 2.8 pounds on a doctor's scale. Yay! Why was I on a doctor's scale and not my usual WW scale? Well, I was on my WW scale first. Afterwards, I picked up Giggleman and my youngest sister to go toa the 2nd annual Biggest Loser competition kick-off sponsored by a hospital in my city. I didn't hear about last year's until too late, so I wasn't about to miss out on this one. Most of my family wanted to participate, so we put together a team. We3 still have to think of a team name...there were a few teams there who already had shirts/costumes/etc. Each person on the winning team will win a Wii.

After a couple of speeches, we had a workout with a fitness instructor and ALI VINCENT! Yes, THE Ali Vincent...winner of The Biggest Loser Season 5. After they got us into a sweat, she gave quite the motivational speech about her life before the show and now. She looks so good in person...I don't think she has gained a pound in the year or so since she won. After the event, I was lucky enough to get a picture and her autograph. Then, we all got in line for a health screening including weight, height, blood sugar, cholesterol, BMI, and blood pressure. I was hoping to see a nice difference after losing 40 some pounds since my last screening. Ehhhh, I guess the only big change was a 6 point increase in my HDL cholesterol level. I have to keep working out eating right until I can truly be out of the danger zone. The rest of the results were about the same and my blood sugar was higher (boo!!).

Before I go, here is a pic from the event! Unfortunately, this picture is only through Giggleman's phone so the quality isn't the best. I'll share some other fun info and running details in my next post!