Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not a Peep in Me!

Wow, I've read about a lot of Easter candy eating frenzies out in blogland over the weekend. Didn't happen here! I was planning on buying a peanut butter egg on Saturday after my WW meeting, but the stores were sold out! Seriously, I've never seen the holiday aisles look so bare before. They did have some Peeps left...Ohhhhh I detest those things! My mom always put them in my Easter basket growing up even though I didn't like them. Either she thought they'd grow on me or she was just hoping that she'd get to eat them :)

Unfortunately, I had my first gain in over two months on Saturday. I went up 0.2 pounds...based on the weight on my Wii Fit, I figured that there wouldn't be much of a change. I'm not sure why...I ate decently...exercised daily...maybe it's time to shake things up again? I should say, I wasn't sure why! My probable reason for no change reared its ugly head on Sunday. Yep, Aunt Flo decided to visit for the holiday! So, I'll wait until her bloat disappears before I make any rash decisions. I've had two great losses in a row before this, so I'm sure I'll be back to normal by next Saturday.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Moving Right Along...

I lost another 2 pounds on Saturday, bringing me to over 30 pounds lost since my WW restart. Yay! I can't wait until we have another health fair at work...I'm guessing it will be in June like last year. If I get another dipstick like last year, I'll just tell him, "Dude, I've lost over 40 pounds since last year. Chill out!" Once I lose another 16 pounds, I'll no longer morbidly obese...I think that's what the Wii Fit told me yesterday. I finally have a Wii age younger than my own age too...I'm down to 28 from age 63 three weeks ago :)

Thanks to AntGirl, I have some new workout wear!! In her comment, she suggested to try JCPenney. On Friday, I decided to hit the mall and see if I could find something! I had not shopped there in years and remembered the plus-sized area as a place no then 20-something girl would find anything. Well, I was shocked at the selections available now. I found a mother lode of cute workout clothes for 50% off. With the 15% extra coupon given away at the door for your entire purchase, I saved a ton! I will have to make another shopping trip there soon.

Also, I purchased a dress for my sister's wedding that is quickly coming up in May. About a month ago, I had found a cute dress in the right color for only 44 dollars. Well, when I was ready to purchase it a week later, all the sizes except 14 were sold out online! The only other dresses that didn't look like crap were at least double that amount. I crossed my fingers and kept checking back to see if it would get restocked. Last week, my prayers were answered and a size 20 was available. I would have preferred a size 22 based on what I'm wearing now, but I figured if I lost another 15 pounds by then, it would work fine. With a 25% off coupon code, I figured it would be a good deal. My dress arrived yesterday, and I was STUNNED to realize it fit perfectly! Here's a link to the dress...CLICK...it looks like only black is available now, but mine is sapphire blue. It zipped easily and I didn't have to suck in my gut or learn how to breathe without moving a muscle. I even thought I looked cute in it. Believe me, I never feel cute, but my mind has been shifting in the past few weeks. I think all the exercise must be doing it to me...I'm still about 75 pounds away from my 2005 low, but I'm only 2 sizes away from what I wore then...in some items, I'm only one away. My body really must be firming up much more than back then. I'll take whatever changes I can get!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Workout Clothes Shopping

It's payday! Time to pay some bills and figure out what needed items I can afford. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to spend a few bucks on new eyeglasses. Grrrrr!! I went into the bathroom this morning and my glasses had mysteriously jumped off the counter and were bent out of shape. Unless I have an invisible intruder, Giggleman has to be the culprit since he was the only one in there after me last night. He has this amazing ability to smash my glasses without trying! Last time he did, the optician said that my current pair wouldn't last another fix. I have the lens popped back in but the bows are goofed up. My insurance is kind of weird with vision so I have to find a different place for an eye exam and then find a cheap place to buy the glasses from the list of those that give a discount.

I also need to shop for some new workout clothes. As I stated in my last post, my pants slid off and I just cant keep them up anymore unless I rock a belt...they have no drawstring!! I only have one pair that does, so I need to do some hunting for some cheap options. I checked out my usual cheapskate spot (Walmart) and I think they are phasing out the plus size workout wear there. Why??? Target doesn't have the plus sized options like before, but I see that they do go up to a regular sized XXL in the Champion line...I think that is smaller than a plus size 2X. I may have to go try them on and hope for the best. Besides going online, does anyone know some good options for bigger gal workout wear?