Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Whip Me With a Wet Noodle!

I am back again! Remember how I had a lovely laptop that broke and got to use another beauty while it was in the shop? Well, the repair needed is not covered and I can't afford it with dreaded wedding expenses looming. So, I'm back to using the desktop with the horribly uncomfortable chair! You won't be getting any video posts for a bit because this old bugger doesn't have the guts to handle it. I'd rather post from my iPod Touch, but I haven't found any free Blogger apps and only recognizes the title as a spot to type! I know I could send posts via email on it, but I don't like that way. I see WordPress has a nice app so maybe I should move this blog. Or just quit whining and suck it up!

Anywho, May was a total suckfest on the weight-loss front. After losing 32 pounds, the scale would not budge. I tried eating less, eating more, exercising harder, and drinking more water to no avail. I missed one WW meeting due to my sister's wedding out of town and was greeted with an EIGHT POUND GAIN the following week. My scale at home told me I still weighed the same so I was shocked! My home scale is either a dirty tease or needs anew battery. A day or two later, my Aunt Flo made a short (less than 48 hour) visit so I figured that was a culprit. But, I still am only 0.6 pounds down from that high and two weeks have passed. I am so frustrated right now!

I guess it's time to keep up with food tracking and let Jillian kick my ass more than my Wii workout rotation. That is what worked at the beginning. I have heard great things about the EA Active game, but I can't buy that yet. The scale might not like me right now, but I refuse to give up!

Also, I will post some wedding pictures with my awesome blue dress as soon as I find my camera cord or admit defeat and finally open a Facebook account to grab some of the pictures from there. Giggleman will no longer enable me by letting me peek using his account. Grrrr! I also will be back to commenting on posts soon...but I must get off this chair now!