Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Sorry for the quiet over here. I have been working on a side own new blog home! I played with WordPress for the past month...Fell in love with it...and made the leap to buying my own domain and spot on the web. It should be live and ready for visitors this weekend so I'll invite you over then!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Thank goodness the month of June is over!! I swear, May and June have been so frustrating in terms of my weight loss efforts. After my last post, I lost one pound and thought I'd have another great loss on Saturday. I almost cried when I found out I was up six pounds. OK, I did have a good cry when I was alone. I exercised, drank mostly water, and ate more good things like veggies these past two weeks and this is the way the scale tries to hurt me!

Do not fear, I will not give up! Going through my weight loss history, I have always had problems after making three or more great months of progress. I either hit a plateau, gain, or just give up. Why do I do it? I don't brain likes to mess with me sometimes. Maybe I just am not pushing myself as much as smaller clothes still fit...I give myself treats more often...I skip a WW day off from working out becomes two... It all begins to add up. Arrrgh commitment sucks but I need to get my focus back.

So, it is time to get back on track. I have joined a new challenge, bought a blender so that I can try one of those Green Monsters all you other bloggers rave about, going back to beatings from Jillian by using her videos, and also changing up my food by using some of the techniques in her new book. I also will set up an appointment with a doctor in the next week (yes, I really will go this time) just to make sure I'm in good working order and probably get back on some meds that I keep forgetting to get renewed. I also need to get back to regular blogging...that seemed to help me stay accountable. So, get ready to see more of less of me around here!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Whip Me With a Wet Noodle!

I am back again! Remember how I had a lovely laptop that broke and got to use another beauty while it was in the shop? Well, the repair needed is not covered and I can't afford it with dreaded wedding expenses looming. So, I'm back to using the desktop with the horribly uncomfortable chair! You won't be getting any video posts for a bit because this old bugger doesn't have the guts to handle it. I'd rather post from my iPod Touch, but I haven't found any free Blogger apps and only recognizes the title as a spot to type! I know I could send posts via email on it, but I don't like that way. I see WordPress has a nice app so maybe I should move this blog. Or just quit whining and suck it up!

Anywho, May was a total suckfest on the weight-loss front. After losing 32 pounds, the scale would not budge. I tried eating less, eating more, exercising harder, and drinking more water to no avail. I missed one WW meeting due to my sister's wedding out of town and was greeted with an EIGHT POUND GAIN the following week. My scale at home told me I still weighed the same so I was shocked! My home scale is either a dirty tease or needs anew battery. A day or two later, my Aunt Flo made a short (less than 48 hour) visit so I figured that was a culprit. But, I still am only 0.6 pounds down from that high and two weeks have passed. I am so frustrated right now!

I guess it's time to keep up with food tracking and let Jillian kick my ass more than my Wii workout rotation. That is what worked at the beginning. I have heard great things about the EA Active game, but I can't buy that yet. The scale might not like me right now, but I refuse to give up!

Also, I will post some wedding pictures with my awesome blue dress as soon as I find my camera cord or admit defeat and finally open a Facebook account to grab some of the pictures from there. Giggleman will no longer enable me by letting me peek using his account. Grrrr! I also will be back to commenting on posts soon...but I must get off this chair now!

Friday, May 29, 2009

I'll Be Back Soon!

Lack of opportunities to blog has kept this spot too quiet!! I have a bunch to share with you all so I will be back soon with a REAL update!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Biggest Loser Competitions Never End!

First off, I had a great weigh-in on Saturday! I was down 2.8 pounds on a doctor's scale. Yay! Why was I on a doctor's scale and not my usual WW scale? Well, I was on my WW scale first. Afterwards, I picked up Giggleman and my youngest sister to go toa the 2nd annual Biggest Loser competition kick-off sponsored by a hospital in my city. I didn't hear about last year's until too late, so I wasn't about to miss out on this one. Most of my family wanted to participate, so we put together a team. We3 still have to think of a team name...there were a few teams there who already had shirts/costumes/etc. Each person on the winning team will win a Wii.

After a couple of speeches, we had a workout with a fitness instructor and ALI VINCENT! Yes, THE Ali Vincent...winner of The Biggest Loser Season 5. After they got us into a sweat, she gave quite the motivational speech about her life before the show and now. She looks so good in person...I don't think she has gained a pound in the year or so since she won. After the event, I was lucky enough to get a picture and her autograph. Then, we all got in line for a health screening including weight, height, blood sugar, cholesterol, BMI, and blood pressure. I was hoping to see a nice difference after losing 40 some pounds since my last screening. Ehhhh, I guess the only big change was a 6 point increase in my HDL cholesterol level. I have to keep working out eating right until I can truly be out of the danger zone. The rest of the results were about the same and my blood sugar was higher (boo!!).

Before I go, here is a pic from the event! Unfortunately, this picture is only through Giggleman's phone so the quality isn't the best. I'll share some other fun info and running details in my next post!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not a Peep in Me!

Wow, I've read about a lot of Easter candy eating frenzies out in blogland over the weekend. Didn't happen here! I was planning on buying a peanut butter egg on Saturday after my WW meeting, but the stores were sold out! Seriously, I've never seen the holiday aisles look so bare before. They did have some Peeps left...Ohhhhh I detest those things! My mom always put them in my Easter basket growing up even though I didn't like them. Either she thought they'd grow on me or she was just hoping that she'd get to eat them :)

Unfortunately, I had my first gain in over two months on Saturday. I went up 0.2 pounds...based on the weight on my Wii Fit, I figured that there wouldn't be much of a change. I'm not sure why...I ate decently...exercised daily...maybe it's time to shake things up again? I should say, I wasn't sure why! My probable reason for no change reared its ugly head on Sunday. Yep, Aunt Flo decided to visit for the holiday! So, I'll wait until her bloat disappears before I make any rash decisions. I've had two great losses in a row before this, so I'm sure I'll be back to normal by next Saturday.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Moving Right Along...

I lost another 2 pounds on Saturday, bringing me to over 30 pounds lost since my WW restart. Yay! I can't wait until we have another health fair at work...I'm guessing it will be in June like last year. If I get another dipstick like last year, I'll just tell him, "Dude, I've lost over 40 pounds since last year. Chill out!" Once I lose another 16 pounds, I'll no longer morbidly obese...I think that's what the Wii Fit told me yesterday. I finally have a Wii age younger than my own age too...I'm down to 28 from age 63 three weeks ago :)

Thanks to AntGirl, I have some new workout wear!! In her comment, she suggested to try JCPenney. On Friday, I decided to hit the mall and see if I could find something! I had not shopped there in years and remembered the plus-sized area as a place no then 20-something girl would find anything. Well, I was shocked at the selections available now. I found a mother lode of cute workout clothes for 50% off. With the 15% extra coupon given away at the door for your entire purchase, I saved a ton! I will have to make another shopping trip there soon.

Also, I purchased a dress for my sister's wedding that is quickly coming up in May. About a month ago, I had found a cute dress in the right color for only 44 dollars. Well, when I was ready to purchase it a week later, all the sizes except 14 were sold out online! The only other dresses that didn't look like crap were at least double that amount. I crossed my fingers and kept checking back to see if it would get restocked. Last week, my prayers were answered and a size 20 was available. I would have preferred a size 22 based on what I'm wearing now, but I figured if I lost another 15 pounds by then, it would work fine. With a 25% off coupon code, I figured it would be a good deal. My dress arrived yesterday, and I was STUNNED to realize it fit perfectly! Here's a link to the looks like only black is available now, but mine is sapphire blue. It zipped easily and I didn't have to suck in my gut or learn how to breathe without moving a muscle. I even thought I looked cute in it. Believe me, I never feel cute, but my mind has been shifting in the past few weeks. I think all the exercise must be doing it to me...I'm still about 75 pounds away from my 2005 low, but I'm only 2 sizes away from what I wore some items, I'm only one away. My body really must be firming up much more than back then. I'll take whatever changes I can get!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Workout Clothes Shopping

It's payday! Time to pay some bills and figure out what needed items I can afford. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to spend a few bucks on new eyeglasses. Grrrrr!! I went into the bathroom this morning and my glasses had mysteriously jumped off the counter and were bent out of shape. Unless I have an invisible intruder, Giggleman has to be the culprit since he was the only one in there after me last night. He has this amazing ability to smash my glasses without trying! Last time he did, the optician said that my current pair wouldn't last another fix. I have the lens popped back in but the bows are goofed up. My insurance is kind of weird with vision so I have to find a different place for an eye exam and then find a cheap place to buy the glasses from the list of those that give a discount.

I also need to shop for some new workout clothes. As I stated in my last post, my pants slid off and I just cant keep them up anymore unless I rock a belt...they have no drawstring!! I only have one pair that does, so I need to do some hunting for some cheap options. I checked out my usual cheapskate spot (Walmart) and I think they are phasing out the plus size workout wear there. Why??? Target doesn't have the plus sized options like before, but I see that they do go up to a regular sized XXL in the Champion line...I think that is smaller than a plus size 2X. I may have to go try them on and hope for the best. Besides going online, does anyone know some good options for bigger gal workout wear?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cheating on Maya

I am able to post!!! Yay!! Right after I wrote my last one, I noticed that my battery on the laptop was about to die even though it was plugged in. I fiddled with the power cord for a few seconds and a puff of smoke came out. I pulled out the cord and saw sparks....ummmm not a good thing!! So, we took it in and the power supply needs fixing. Luckily, the place we bought it from gave us a loaner to use until ours back. Unfortunately, the loaner is soooo much nicer than ours and I want it. Just say no!

I had an awesome weigh-in today...down 4 pounds! I got my 25 pounds lost sticker, some funky washer with 25 pounds imprinted on it, and my dohickey for 16 straight weeks of WW membership. I joined WW in September, but I didn't stick with meetings faithfully...and officially started again the first day of the new Momentum program and haven't missed since. What is different this time? I'm not sure exactly what is making it work this round. I guess I'm not relying on Giggleman or anybody else going through the process with me. My faithful exercising has also kept me going...I don't feel like I have to hide from anybody. Even if I gain, which hasn't happened in 8 weeks, I know that I'm not a failure and I keep going.

I've had some nice exercise progress in the past week. Last Saturday, I was using the treadmill and my body wanted to try running again. I haven't pushed myself to try it since my ankle surgery in September 2007. I sure wouldn't break any speed records, but it is a good start. When I was doing jumping jacks with Jillian Michaels on Wednesday, my workout pants fell off! I've used the Wii Fit every day this week and I love the boxing part. I do not love my Wii age though. The first day, it gave me an age of 63. Ummm, yikes I'm fat and I have crappy balance, but really? Luckily, I am now down to the age of 39. Maya tries to make me feel guilty when I don't use My Fitness Coach for more than a day though...I enter in my other workouts but she still whines that she misses me. I still love her too and I think she does push me a bit more in some areas than the Wii Fit.

Time to spend some time with the Giggleman, so I'll be back again later!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Slow and Steady...

SUCKS!!! I am tired of slow and steady! I lost another 0.6 pounds at my Saturday WW weigh-in. This is my seventh straight loss, which is great, but I'm sick of seeing the .6! This week I'm getting back to the basics and will be doing some careful food tracking. That is the area I struggle with the most. I also am going to ramp up my workouts a bit more this week...I've managed to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise in daily for over 3 weeks now, but I haven't done much more like I did at the beginning of the year when the scale showed big losses.

In other news, I turned 29 for the third time on Wednesday. How did I celebrate? I worked. Yay! I guess that is part of being an treats or cards at work and it was almost like a regular day. My birthday is one of the major times I really miss my grandma. Every year (when I wasn't in class), she would call me on the very minute of my birth and reminisce about the day I was born...streets were flooded on that day, huge blizzard when I was in the hospital, etc. Luckily, I was surprised by my mom who called that morning and did the same thing.

This weekend, we finally did celebrate my 31st birthday. Giggleman and I went to see I Love You, Man on Saturday after my WW meeting (can't beat the first matinee price!) and then went out for dinner later. On Sunday, we went over to my parents house to celebrate with my family. I wish I could say I was shocked that my oldest sister (the one I'm doing the little weight loss challenge with) wasn't there. She had texted me earlier in the week to find out when we were going to celebrate, but when she came over to get addresses for her wedding invitations a bit later, she claimed ignorance. Ignorance, my ass! My mom told her and her fiance to come on in while she rounded up the addresses, but they decided to sit in the car. Then, they left before my mom even gave the address list! She texted mom about 10 minutes later and said they'd be over in a couple hours to celebrate and to have dinner without them. So, the rest of us had fun playing games on the Wii we brought over. Time flew by quickly...I think we played bowling, baseball, tennis, and more for about 5 hours! When mom was cutting the cake at about 10 pm, we heard the door open and my sister quietly crept into her room. Ten minutes later, she sneaked into the kitchen and grabbed a piece of cake and didn't say boo to anyone. I stopped her and said "No cake unless you talk to me!" She said Happy Birthday with such a lack of enthusiasm. I asked her where her fiance was and she said he didn't want to come. Seriously, the whole family is sick of him and the way that Danielle is just a shell of her former self...she just lets him call all the shots...which is soooo not her regular personality at all...which is maybe why she is that much bitchier to us since she acts so godlike and sweet around him. Ha! Well, mom and Danielle got in an argument about her making so much time for his family (they go up there every other weekend) but them not even spending a minute with us, not using the wedding stamps my mom bought, and everything else. My sister stormed back into her room....20 minutes later we saw her leave with some clothes and a pillow. She refused to answer the phone and texted that she was going to spend the night over at her fiance's apartment (where she lived too until the fiance's pastor scared them out of living in sin!) Oh well, I still had fun despite Danielle's stage show.

I scored some great presents that I actually wanted this year!! Giggleman gave me the Wii Fit on Saturday night and I used it right away Sunday morning! I guess I have poor balance because the game asked me if I trip frequently! LOL! Ok, I do trip quite often but I survive. My goal is to get my Wii Fit age at least within 10 years of my real gave me an age of 60 something! WTF!?!? My mom still has another present for me that she didn't get a chance to buy yet due to being busy with baby shower stuff the past week, but she did get me the workout armband for my iPod Touch (my late Christmas present from Giggleman) I desperately wanted and the first season of Pushing Daisies. I can now get serious with my running plans...I already had purchased the Nike+ sensor and a shoe pouch so I could start tracking my progress. The Touch already has the Nike+ running program thingie on it, so I am ready to go!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Unintentional Exercise!!

Time for a quick post before I pass out!!

First off, I lost 2 pounds exactly at my Saturday WW weigh-in. I'm sooo close to 25 pounds lost I can taste it! My birthday goal is going to be a stretch, but I still could pull it off.

I have been kicking arse with my workouts...I have now went 14 days straight of exercise! Yay! After doing it for so long, I just feel off if I don't workout at my usual time. I hope that feeling doesn't pass anytime soon. I've been switching it up...less Jillian and more Fitness Coach and Biggest Loser this week.

Today, I got a bit of unintentional exercise which could have been the death of me! I had to scrape the ice off my windows before work. The ice was quite thick and didn't want to move and I could not get the ice off the passenger side windows. Once I got to the end of my apartment parking lot, I knew I had to scrape off the other side in order to see to turn right. So, I pulled over in a parking space and left the car running while I hacked away at the ice again. I come back to open my door...IT IS LOCKED!!! I don't know if I locked it when I got out as a force of habit or it magically happened. I really have a bad issue with locking keys or losing them somewhere! I didn't have a spare...Giggleman has them and he was at work!! My cell phone was locked in the car so I couldn't call anyone. I couldn't get back in my apartment because my apartment keys are on the same chain as the car keys. My apartment manager wasn't home so I couldn't get let in either! So, my one option was to walk to a phone and hope to reach my mom in order to drive me to get the keys from Giggleman so I could turn off my vehicle and/or get to work!

So, I walk across the street to the gym/doctor's office to use the phone. Snow starts coming down and the wind picked up so navigating the parking lot feels like I walked a mile. I use the phone but had a brain fart and could NOT REMEMBER MY MOM'S PHONE NUMBER!! All my number are stored in my cell phone and I never use my brain anymore. I try every combination I could think of and no number was right. Somehow, I remembered my mom's work number...she wasn't working and the staff member wouldn't give her number out!! ARRRGH!!! I walk back home car spazzed out the last time my car ran longer than 45 minutes, my engine is on its last leg already, and time was ticking. So, I get the wonderful idea to walk to my mom's house. It doesn't seem that far away when I drive! OMG, after checking the mileage not long ago, it was over 2 miles away...with cold winds, light snow, and a temp of 7 F. Not my smartest move!

Luckily, I did make it there...wearing my dress shoes and sliding around quite a bit in spots. My legs were freezing but not in pain. My cheeks were quite red and my hair was a completely tangled mess! My mom informed me I was dialing their old number...yep, I'm a genius. By the time I got to the house, it was only 45 minutes before my stepdad had to pick up Giggleman from work...which was what I was trying to avoid by getting the keys before that. So, massive FAIL!

On the plus side...35 minutes of Biggest Loser Yoga, 30 minutes of My Fitness Coach cardio, and a 2+ mile hike...I had an awesome quantity of exercise!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hiding Out!

I was planning on making this a video post but somebody ate my memory card! I took it out of the computer last week and didn't put it back in the camera...I just left it on the table and thought it would stay there. When will I ever learn?

A little bit of weigh-in catchup: on Saturday, I lost a grand total of 0.6 pounds. I hate being patient with the process...wouldn't it be nice if you could lose 100 pounds overnight? I knew there was trouble when I couldn't pull off my ring on Thursday. Friday marked the arrival of Aunt Flo...without pain for the first time in years. Seriously! Unfortunately, that pain arrived this week. Arrgh! I am trying my best to push the cramping and migraine away from my thoughts this morning.

In exercise news, I am doing two different challenges this month. One of them began Wednesday of last week...40 days straight of exercise to coincide with Lent along with Fat Bridesmaid and her followers. So far, so good! I haven't had a day off since last Monday. The other challenge is the one my sister wanted me to design for us since her wedding is only two months away. She could tell I've been losing and asked me to create a blog challenge a month ago to push her to exercise and lose weight. Saturday will be our third official weigh-in...last week she kicked my butt in weight loss, but I hope to regain my lead this week. I have been kicking her butt in exercise minutes every week, but she has really pushed herself more this week so this week will be a close one.

So here's my question of the day: How much does your family/friends know about your blogging activity? Giggleman knows about this blog but never checks it out, but I'm just not comfortable with the rest of my close family members knowing all my thoughts and activities. Yet, I'm perfectly comfortable sharing it with those I've never met. For the challenge with my sister, I created a completely different Blogger account so that she wouldn't find me here. I post how much I've lost, but not my real number...I'm fine with spewing it here (284.4 as of last Saturday.) Am I odd to be more open with you all than those in my real life?

Time to wrap this baby up, eat breakfast, and fit in a workout before heading out for the day, so I'll post more Saturday!

Monday, February 23, 2009

I Love Stars!

Gosh, I really need to keep up on posting over here! I've been busy working on another project with my sister in the past week or so and I forgot about being here. I'm sorry!

So anyways, since I don't have a new video post ready yet, I'll catch up with how the past two weigh-ins went. I think I'm beginning to get a handle on what my body will do, and know what to do in order to make it function better. First: EAT! Second: Move daily! I've lost 5.4 pounds in the past two weeks....3.6 pounds on Valentine's Day and 1.8 pounds this Saturday. I really expected a small loss based on my track record this week, so I'm happy!

Who would have guessed how motivating stars could be for me? Last week, I got my 5% star at WW, and this week I got my 20 pound star. Also, giving myself stars for exercise and whatnot is really keeping me moving! When I don't exercise for a day, I feel like crap and more exercise makes my body feel better. Weird! Also, I've hit a new milestone: I haven't missed one WW meeting in 11 weeks and have made it through a whole round of books without quitting. When my leader gave me my 5% star last week, she told me I need to decide my next goal. With my success so far this year, I already had one in mind. I want to hit 30 pounds gone and my 10% goal by my birthday! I've averaged about 10 pounds each month since making a commitment to exercise (AGAIN!), so I think I can succeed! My birthday is March 18th and I have 9.2 more pounds to go. I will do it!

I have to scurry off to work, so I'll be back again soon with some more to share...I promise!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stay Away From the Yogurt Aisle!

As I promised, I am back with a more detailed post!

First off, I had my first gain of the year two weeks ago. I ended up gaining 0.2 pounds due to a late night meal at McDonalds. I didn't make the worst choice...I ended up having chicken nuggets and a handful of fries before I gave them to someone else...but I could tell that I was retaining salt. This meal was only 10 hours away from my WW meeting, so I expected to see a bit of damage. I was over checking out my parents new house and trying to talk some sense into my sister who was stressing out my mom due to her Bridezilla ways when we realized we hadn't had supper yet. McDonalds was about the only thing left open besides IHOP and Perkins...we just wanted to grab something to take home. It is nice to know that one bad choice does not screw up my whole week!

Later that Saturday, Giggleman and I went grocery shopping. We never go to the grocery store on the weekend or during peak hours, but we really needed some stuff. The parking lot was packed, the aisles were crowded, and I just wanted to get out of there as fast as I could. We made it until the dairy aisle. First, the store was out of my Laughing Cow cheese...then the yogurt aisle was filled with four people checking out the same yogurt I wanted to get. I can handle pushing through to get what I want, right? Nope! I had my first panic attack in over THREE YEARS right there! Giggleman had never seen me go through one before so he didn't know what was going on. I couldn't manage to get out words, so I just kept circling and circling like a mad woman. He grabbed my arm and asked what I wanted but all I could do was shake my head. I headed out of the aisle, out the store, and was sobbing uncontrollably by the time I made it to the car. Arrgh! This week, I had almost the same problem in the bottled water section. I thought I had tackled my panic issues...evidently I need to get back to work on it.

I almost didn't make it to my WW meeting on Saturday due to car issues. I started up the car and it would kill every single time I pulled out of park. I guess I need to start paying attention to keeping up with car maintenance...most of it was due to a badly needed oil change. But, I think my thermostat thingy is messed up now too because the temperature gauge likes to go too high after a longer drive and my car heater doesn't seem to be working. Oops! I could really save money if I would just deal with things right away. Luckily, I made my meeting and was down only 0.4 pounds. I keep telling myself a loss is a loss, but I always want more. After tracking all my food for a month or so now, I can tell a pattern in my loss. My big problem is my body just doesn't give hunger signals...I never feel like eating all day...and then have a bigger meal to compensate. When I had great losses, I consciously made myself eat all meals including breakfast even though I didn't "feel" hungry. These last two weeks, I've been quite low on points and was lucky to get two real meals in. So, I'm thinking my body is holding on to the little food I give it in order to make it through my workouts. It has been pounded into me to eat all my points, but it just is difficult. Why can't my body just be happy and let go? So, I'm going to work extremely hard to get back to the breakfast and lunch routine again. I guess science does know best!

I have a fun new item that I've added to my fitness routine in the past week. I am now a proud owner of a Wii! Yay! I do not have the Wii Fit (yet), but I have been using My Fitness Coach. I used to have Yourself Fitness for the computer a few years ago, and I was happy to find Maya again! Her jumping jacks in the fitness test made me beg for mercy (I thought 30 seconds with Jillian was rough with the bouncing....but two minutes with Maya is much worse!), but I found out that I'm much more flexible than before I started the 30 Day Shred. I also rock at crunches. So Maya and Jillian have been kicking my arse this week. Maya does have some big breaks incorporated in her workouts, so I think I'll have to do a longer program to get maximum results.

Wow, I've been rambling on and I haven't even got to the most interesting info! I guess I'll save that for my video post or another regular one this week. See you then!

My Computer is Being a Douche Bag!

Somehow, the post I just published went away to LaLaLand!!! The program I used to create it is frozen and decided not to save my draft. Crap! I'm going to have to be creative and write it again...

This makes me very frustrated!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Running on Empty!

Gosh, I didn't mean to not post in over a week! I've been dealing with issues galore! Car problems, panic attacks, and more. Well anyways, I'm here!

I'll have a more in-depth post up by tomorrow or Tuesday, but I wanted to let you know I'm alive. Also, I have NOT fallen off the wagon! I'm down in weight...well down 0.4 on Saturday. So, as I said, I'll be back with my workout report and more details!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vlog #3 is Up!

Watch me do a happy dance! (Not really!) I'll be back with a regular post tomorrow.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm Late...I'm Late!!

Due to eye issues and possible allergy gunk, I don't have a vlog for week 3. Sorry! I don't think any of you want to see an oozing eye that closely. I will make a longer video this weekend after my Saturday weigh-in to make up for it. Those who are part of the BLBE may already know my stats, but last week I lost 0.8 pounds even with my TOM bloat that popped in a couple days earlier. Yay! I looked at the scale this morning and I can GUARANTEE there will be a monstrous loss for this week. I hope I don't jinx it, but I think I could beat my best week loss.

Biggest Loser: Wow. Am I the only one who has been watching the YouTube clip of Jillian being yanked out of the gym by Bl/Dane (I don't know which one) and then falling on her ass?  And then the whole crazy Joelle/Carla death match and Bob looking like a deer in headlights? WTF about at-home players like Dave eating all kinds of junk like fried chicken and hot dogs? Where did Daniel disappear in the temptation challenge? Jillian's team--smart move/too extreme game play too early/both with the elimination? Why must they block out logos on Jillian's shoes and clothing? Too many questions...very little answers!

Finally...starting to rethink the whole Facebook thing. My fiance knows more about what is going on with my family and extended relatives then I do based on chatting with them there. I'm a bit curious...Should I take the plunge and start an account?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vlog #2 Is Up!

Due to technical difficulties, I'm a day late! Better late than never...

Time for a quick nap so I'll be back tomorrow!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

So Much To Say!!

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it! Well, I'll hide my news for one more day and share it in my second Vlog tomorrow. Sorry!

In order to make this visit worthwhile, I'll share my 2nd favorite clip from SNL last night with the Legendary NPH (Neil Patrick Harris for those of you not in the loop!) My favorite isn't available anywhere.

Come back tomorrow to hear my update!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Random Freak Out and More...

My left side of my body is freaking me out! Seriously, I have some oddities that have recently came to my attention. So anyway, I've been looking through my recent photos in order to choose a new profile pic. Yep, I'm getting tired of my little cartoon. Well, I have mentioned how I had the problems with the pink eye and crud in my left eye, right? In every picture since then, my eyelid is drooping more than the other side and my eye ball is all oogly. It is focusing wherever the heck it wants and doesn't match the right!  What is up with that?

To add to the weirdness, I have been fighting some odd itchiness on my left side this week and it has affected my sleep! I started with a little bit of a scratchy throat...but then it moved to the very back of the roof of my mouth on just the left side is itching like crazy. I have ran my tongue back there so many times to relieve the itch that the skin is getting a bit rough there. Now, my left ear is joining in the mix and itches deep inside whenever I swallow or any other random time it chooses. I haven't ate any new weird foods, I don't feel like I have a cold or anything...did I form an allergy to something in my house? Is my left sinus cavity filled and causing weird side effects? Has anybody experienced anything like this? My left shoulder pain that I dealt with a few years ago is also back. I guess my left side is trying to secede from the lovely union known as my body. If my left leg decides to join, I'm going to really have some problems!

And yes, I did get to watch TBL without giving in and getting spoiled beforehand late Tuesday night. I'm SO GLAD to not see any money grubbing, in it for the wrong reason types emerging. I have too many favorites...I love the non whining gal on the green team, I like Dan on the orange team, I'm intrigued with the dad who had gastric bypass on the brown team, and yes, I love the grandparents on the white team. Heck, I like them all so far. I can't wait to see how hot the black team cousins will be when they shed the pounds! I was fascinated with the MRI scans done on the show. I can only imagine what my insides look like. When I had a CT-scan last year due to female part troubles, I read that my liver was fatty. My doctor didn't mention it at all, so I guess he figured he didn't need to remind me that I'm fat. Really, he's never mentioned losing weight to me once. Then again, he has failed me in the past years. That reminds me...I haven't found a new one yet!

Finally, I will be working the next couple of days to visit all the people participating in the BLBE. Holy cow...over 150 people this time...I'm going to try to at least visit the ones on my team first. Go TEAM LYNN!!  I've noticed that the scale is definitely down this week and my official week one weigh-in isn't until next Saturday, so I'm ready for a nice loss for the challenge. Team Angie better watch out!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Biggest Loser Begins Tonight!

Woot! Ok, seriously how old am I using the word Woot? Anyway, I can't wait to watch it when I get home from work. So, I'll have to stay away from reading blogs tonight until I finish. I love FatBridesmaid's recaps and wish I was home while it was airing live to chime in. Oh well...  Giggleman always manages to give a crucial part away to me before I finish too.

I was reading on a blog about how they haven't seen Ali Vincent, winner of BL5 lately. Well, wait no longer! I received a link in my email from the Biggest Loser Club to QVC. She is now shilling healthy products! She looked a bit rounder than when she originally won, but still looks fit and healthy based on the little clip I saw. You can all check her out HERE! Looks like another book is coming from TBL..30-Day Jump Start. I never realized how many items are branded TBL...there was a food chopper, food scale, regular scale, exercise balls, and a juicer. Wow!

Thanks for the comments on my video. It was really hard to put myself out there! I'm already formulating a plan for my next video, so hopefully it will entertain you all! Time to head to work, so I'll be back again later!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Whew, I Did It!

I finally got my first video blog uploaded. Yay! I just joined a little community of weight loss vloggers on YouTube, so this first video is more of an introduction than anything else. I also revealed the results of one of my goals for the years completed and some bloopers at the end, so go check it out!

I'm exhausted and have to get ready for work, so I'll be back with a more meaningful post tomorrow.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Always a Joiner

It's that time of the year again where New Year's Resolutioners fill up the gyms, WW meetings, and more. When I brought Giggleman to work on Friday morning, the parking lot of the gym next door was packed!! I could see the 5:40AM Body Pump was overcrowded. (BTW, I never noticed how clearly you can see in that particular room from the road. I'm a little bit intimidated to attend a class now!) The parking lot was even overflowing when I left for work when it is usually pretty dead. I have huge anxiety issues in crowds and I really hate waiting for equipment. I may just stick to home workouts for a few weeks. Luckily, I have a plethora of videos to keep me occupied. I finally bought 30 Day Shred and the Biggest Loser Boot Camp and Yoga DVDs last week as well, so I'm set!

Also, the New Year is the time for new challenges and other options online. I will be signing up for a few of the items below.

  1. Biggest Loser Blog Edition 2!!! I participated in the first challenge and sucked donkey balls. Seriously! I'm happy to have lost weight, but I could have done so much better. I'm signing up again, and I'm ready to really kick arse for the team this time!!
  2. Pound for Pound Challenge: This isn't really a competition, but to coincide with the new Biggest Loser season, 10 cents will be donated to Feeding America for each pound you lose, which enough to provide 1 pound of food to a local food bank. Why not lose for a good cause?
  3. New Year New You Challenge: Exercise TV is offering a free workout and nutrition plan to help you kick the New Year off right. The workouts cover four weeks and the food plan covers one. They also are offering daily free workout downloads. Check it out!
  4. Discovery Health National Body Challenge: This 8 week challenge offers support, food and exercise plans, recipes, videos, and expert advice. Also, you get a 30 day pass to Bally's Fitness! (It doesn't work for me since there are none here, but I'm sure most people can find one near them.
  5. NeverSayDiet New Year's Community Challenge: This challenge begins on Monday and lasts for six weeks. There will be daily tips and assignments, weight-loss advice, and more!
  6. Finally, for those who love Bob from the Biggest Loser and just can't get enough support, check out MyTrainerBob! It just opened up a few days ago, but there are options to track your goals, get support from others, get fitness tips from Bob, and even ask him a question.

I think that is enough for now! I need to get back to editing my first video so I can post it by Monday. I am aiming to make it a once a week feature. I can't wait for the next BLBE to begin!!