Wednesday, October 29, 2008

End of the Month Crazies!

I'll have to get back here with a real post later!!!  The end of the month at work means more for me to do...and I have pharmacy classes I'm scrambling a bit!  First off, I lost 2.2 pounds at my weigh-in on Saturday officially bringing me into the 2s!! YAY!!  I'm thrilled, but I don't think it is going to last for this week :(

Yup, my lovely TOM came last night. I freaked out when the scale showed me 8 pounds heavier yesterday morning. Usually, I don't see that big of a bloat! I had been suffering horrible pains and a crazy migraine since the weekend, but I thought it might be more gastrointestinal related. I am hoping Aunt Flo leaves quickly this time! I hope my workouts can erase some of the damage.

I have to run, so I'll share more thoughts later!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Need a Taser!

If you read my blog, you probably watch The Biggest Loser every week. I am so angry after watching the show last night! I yelled at my TV last night and I never get worked up about a show. When I hear about viewers who shed tears watching, I wonder if I'm a bit coldhearted. But gosh darn, I have found my emotion now!

The Poop Brown team needs to go home now. No money. No luck keeping the weight off. I never wish ill about any losers, even Neil a few seasons ago after he did a ginormous amount of waterloading. Last week I just wanted Brady and his accent to go bye-bye. Now, my death glare goes to his wife Vicky. You think a challenge prize is lame so why try? WTF?!? I hope your kids enjoyed hearing that you didn't give a rat's patootie about seeing them! You don't care about losing weight this week because you are "safe"? Gosh, your attitude slays me! Caring about the money only? Smirking when Heba tells Amy P. there is no alliance? Smirking when Brady only loses 3 pounds (oh yeah, I'm sure he did some stunt. You heard the promo for next week about how someone loses more than their entire team?? I'm betting it's Brady.) I wanted to smack that smirk off her soooo badly! If only I had Stewie Griffin's time machine so I could go back in time, head to TBL ranch, and shake her until her attitude adjusted! Heba is very low in my book as of this episode too. I just wish alliances and gameplay wouldn't be such a big part of this game and that teams didn't get to just boot bigger losers at the beginning.

I'm done spewing venom and I just hope that next week's episode is more positive and uplifting. Time to get a workout in and release the rest of my anger!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Guess I'm Going to Hell!!

I need to get to bed, but I can't sleep. So, I guess I'll write up my post for the BLBE. I apologize in advance if this is all rambly and incoherent! Serves me right for accidentally taking a three hour nap this afternoon.

First...WEIGH-IN TIME! I'm exactly the same weight according to my mom's scale. I'd go with my home scale but I can't trust it after fixing gave me 298 and then 306 and then 301 and then 295. Yeah. I'll be buying a new one once I make a decision which one to buy and have the extra cash for it. Why don't I have an official WW number? My car decided to take a dump on me on the way to my meeting on Saturday! Two days ago, a light went on saying SERVICE ENGINE SOON. Well, it was running fine and if it's anything like my 'Door Open' light that picks random times to turn on, there wasn't anything wrong. My car sounded fine and I had my stepdad take a look just to make sure. 

So anyways, I'm driving to my meeting and I notice the lights on the side of my dashboard looking a bit dim. "Well, that's odd!" I thought to myself. Then, the whole dashboard went dark. Uh, oh! Then, my radio started going fuzzy. I decided to stop in the nearest parking lot because my old car did this to me on the interstate once before it died and had to get a new alternator. Luckily, I had my cell phone on me this time because once I parked, I couldn't get it started again. I was pretty sure it was just my battery. My stepdad and my uncle took their sweet time coming over to jump it, so I missed my meeting completely. Saturday afternoon, they went to get my battery checked and the service guys confirmed that it was definitely shot. So, they put a new one in and figured out it wasn't just the battery and I wouldn't last a week without getting a new alternator. Great, the same darn expensive fix that my old car needed! Guess I won't be buying anything fun this week!

Also, I have found a reason to be thankful for Giggleman. He doesn't have any pushy religious family members forcing ideas on me. (He's Jewish, I'm not, not a big deal to anybody!) I went to pick up my youngest sister and bring her to school and was running a few minutes late due to having to scrape the windshield. My other sister's car is in the driveway (the one getting married who lives two buildings away from me and I've only been in her apartment once.) I thought that the youngest called her for a ride or something. Nope, she is now living there until her wedding night instead of her apartment with her fiance. She has started going to some marriage classes with her fiance's pastor in his hometown. Well, I guess his mom and the pastor have been pushing her to move out (yet still pay rent!) until their wedding night. Staying in separate bedrooms was not good enough! I guess the pastor told her the church will pay her half of the rent if she moved out so she finally agreed (ummm, does that strike anybody as odd? And, what would you label the fund that money is coming from?)  She isn't really liking the arrangement yet, and hasn't spent much time with her fiance since then. I guess her fiance's sister even had to go up in front of the church and apologize for having a kid before she was married a while back. Harsh! I don't know what that church denomination is, but I'm glad I don't have that problem! But, if they are right, I'm going to hell!

Finally, I have been working out since my last post faithfully! I have been dropping off the Giggleman, popping in a workout video or doing a Jillian circuit, and then going back to bed if I was still tired. But, I haven't been as tired afterwards...amazing! Guess I can't use the too tired exercise excuse anymore. My goal this week is to go back to my gym instead of just scoping out the parking lot from my apartment for a Pump class. Time to try to fall asleep again before I have to get up in another 5ish hours!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

No Excuses

It is Thursday morning already! I wish I had the magic power to slow down time every so often. I've been letting my exhaustion and TOM get the better of me. I can't let that excuse go any longer...those conditions aren't going to kill me (well, unless I fall asleep driving and crash!) so I just need to push through it. Thank goodness my row at work is pretty empty...I nodded off a couple of times while entering scripts yesterday! I caught myself a minute later in the middle and couldn't remember what the heck I was trying to type. Oops! I seriously need a kick in the butt to get the workouts in! No more excuses!

I found this on Bikini goal is to find a way to combat all excuses that I come up with. A lot of the excuses said here sound too darn familiar.

To fight my sleep excuse, I'm going to try something new tomorrow. Instead of going back to bed after I drop my sister off at school and Giggleman to work, I'm going to do my workout. When I go back to bed, I can't drag myself out of bed again soon enough to fit in exercise before work. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to wake up 30 minutes before work when the alarm didn't go off! Arrgh! I can always take a nap after my workout.  That way, I can get both issues out of the way instead of only one. Wish me luck!

Time for bed so I'll let you know how it goes!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Breaking the Scale!

First, I lost 0.2 pounds for my Saturday weigh-in. I'm stuck in the 3's for another week. My body always likes to taunt me whenever I want to hit major milestones. Yeah, I know a loss is always good, but I don't have to be thrilled about the result! I know that TOM was (and still is) here, but I also wasn't vigilant on tracking either. Plus, I didn't workout as much as I wanted. So, I shouldn't be surprised!

I found my scale at home broken on Friday. Seriously! I wasn't the one responsible (I think)! When I came home from work, it was sitting in a weird position. I lifted it up and the top half was awkwardly askew from the bottom and a piece fell out.  I tried to put it back together but it was still resting at an angle and just read ERR when I tried to stand on it. I did some more fiddling with it, and I see numbers again but I'm sure they aren't right and it still is not quite parallel to the floor. I accused Giggleman of attacking it for some weird reason, but he claims no knowledge of touching it. I have no animals in the house and the scale can't spontaneously fall apart! Maybe this will break me of my scale obsession until I get a new one. I can't stand knowing how I fluctuate daily...I'm already insane from almost two days of not seeing a number! I guess this will motivate me to use the actual gym a couple of days instead of the home workouts so I can check out my weight.

Since I want to see a better loss this week, I'm unpacking the food scale I bought last week. No more guesstimating the size of a piece of meat or other portion sizes. Plus, I will be counting and tracking every point as I eat it instead of estimating and calling it good. I'm going to try Roni's Twitter eating thing when I'm out of the house...I think I'll be shocked on how off I've been.

My last goal for this week is to try a different workout each day this week. I've been relying on old standbys that don't seem to cut it anymore (I'm looking at you, Leslie Sansone!) Plus, working out on my own is getting a bit stale so I plan on trying some classes again. I just need to find my handy-dandy gym schedule so I can figure out what I can fit in between work, pharmacy study (the book is a bit bigger than I expected!), and sleeping! Look for daily updates from me this week--I seem to do better that way.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Some Richard Love!

After yesterday's whiny post, I decided it is time to change the mood! Back when I was a kid, my mom tried different weight loss methods even though she didn't really need to shed much! I remember trying the Deal-A-Meal thing with her and working out to his Sweating to the Oldies videos. Fun times!

Well, I was catching up with some reading this morning and about died after watching the following video:

OMG, that is some quality comedy gold! I think I lost 5 pounds laughing through this one :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Why Can't You Just Leave??

Ugh, this week is flying by too fast for me! I completely forgot that pharmacy exam classes at work started this week so I've been scrambling to get ready before my first class. It would have helped if I had remembered to order my book a couple of weeks ago instead of on Monday. So, I really haven't done any reading before class today! They just sent us the syllabus on Monday (which made me remember about it!) and expected us to have 7 chapters read by today. Ummmm, not happening! I'll just wing it this week like I did back in college. (And, how did that work for you, Ms. Jodi? No comment!)

You know how I guessed I'd have a great week with food and exercise going wonderfully?  Food is great, exercise is tough! I am just so exhausted and I can't shake it...almost like I have mono for the 5 millionth time. I even have felt myself nodding off for a couple seconds while working. I don't have problems falling asleep at night and don't think I have had any sleep disturbances besides the alarm in the morning! I have tried napping this week after bringing Giggleman to work which has cut down my exercise time. Napping is not helping, so workouts are back on my schedule.

I'm also retaining water like crazy this week!  My engagement ring will not budge. Yes, it is my wonderful true TOM. A while back I complained about the spotty cycle where it showed up for a day or two, left for a while and came back for another day or so. Well, last month my TOM came and never really left...just changed from heavy dark deluge to dark pink light drizzle...and now I'm at the true dark shedding again.  I was put on Yasmin last year to control this issue, but my body is saying "Screw you! I'll do what I want just to spite your synthetic help!" I've dealt with funky period issues since age 16 so I'm not shocked by anything. I'm sure my iron is running low due to my extended visitor, so I know this is one reason for my exhaustion. If Aunt Flo doesn't leave by the end of the week, I'll check out the gyno that my mom mentioned. Her work friend has a daughter with issues like mine and is doing so much better. I know I have PCOS (it took a neurologist checking out my blood work and past ultrasounds/MRIs/other tests 3 years ago to finally lead my doctor towards that diagnosis), and he has mentioned the possibility of endometriosis a long time ago but he hasn't chosen to check further. (And I haven't pushed him either...I know I need to be my own advocate!) As I've mentioned in other posts, my doctor is no longer so cool and on top of things (like how he dealt with thyroid issues), so I have to find one who can help. I've delayed looking due to the lack of insurance while I was temping (and not wanting to pay high COBRA charges), but I've been fully insured since April and still am procrastinating. So, part of this is my fault! 

I really didn't mean to make this whole post a complaint! Sorry!

In other news, I watched the Biggest Loser last night without reading any recaps beforehand! Do you know how hard it is not to read FatBridesmaid's recap when I get home? She is spot on! I want the Brown team gone already, too! Also, I have a PPP update. Still missing! I know it is at home somewhere. Giggleman said he will find it for me by tonight. He has a knack for finding all my missing stuff.  He better find it or his crown will be tarnished :)  I need to get dressed for class, so I'll be back with a more cheery update tomorrow!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm Nothing if Not Consistent!

Second verse, same as the first! Second weigh-in, same amount lost. So, I'm still in the 300s for another week...down -1.6 bringing me to 300.4. Just a measly 0.4 pounds away! My loss is going soooo slowly this time. I'll see how this week goes since I'm now back to regular workouts.

Giggleman didn't sign up for overtime or find any other excuses, so he made it to the WW meeting yesterday. After seeing his gain (only 0.4 but still!!) and hearing about a person in our meeting who has lost 120some pounds, he found his motivation again. So, he promises that he'll get on board with eating better this week. Time will tell if he sticks to his word or not.

I finally found the way to torture Giggleman on Saturday! He always teases me about being a band geek throughout high school and college. He has NEVER been to a marching band competition and vowed that he wouldn't get to one! I dragged him to the Festival of Bands finals last night. He was shocked that the stadium was full of band lovers! I think he enjoyed some of it...well, at least he liked keeping track of how many flags, rifles, etc. were dropped :) My old high school performed well, but I don't think as well as when I was in it with the previous director! But, I'm biased! I'll get him to a DCI competition when it comes to town next summer. Those are the best!

I'm off to work on our grocery list for the week, so I'll post more later!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Lost and Found

I can't find my Pretty Pink Poddy (aka my iPod)! Yes, I named her that so there! The last time I remember, she was on my bed. I looked on the side of the bed, under the bed, around the bed, in it, and all spots again. I'm beyond sad. I was going to use the treadmill or the elliptical today, and PPP saves me from wicked boredom. I may just have to do another workout instead. (Sniff!) Also, I will have to go to work without my tunes and podcasts to keep my brain from going numb after staring at a computer screen too long. What's a girl to do?

I wish I could send a text message to my iPod so I can magically find her. That's how I always find my cell phone...despite plugging it in, it likes to jump off the charger and roam. I think my apartment is the real Bermuda Triangle. I lose so many things in here. Sometimes, the items will come back but some will never be seen again. This awesome lip gunk I bought? Who knows where it is! My black sports bra? I wish it would come back! My fancy measuring cup thingy? Probably hiding in Giggleman's pants for all I know! I've lost a whole set of keys...which miraculously appeared after being gone 6 months...but are now gone again. I'm going to have to attach a GPS unit to all of my important things. Seriously!

I have had the same problem with my weight. Lost it, find some back, lose some more, find it back plus gain more, lose again. After reading a blog post today (I think it was Alexa but I'm too lazy to check for sure!), I realized I had no recovery mode in my past attempts. When I saw the scale moving up again, I didn't really do much to combat it. So, along with cultivating the best habits, I need to work on my recovery so that I don't have to lose this much ever again!

I am freezing again in the house and am too stubborn to put the heat on, so I'm going to go outside and enjoy the sun. I think it is warmer outside than in right now. Or my thyroid is on crack again and I'll just have to bundle up like an Eskimo for the rest of the day! I'll be back tomorrow with my WI and with a workout report (which would be so much easier with my Pretty Pink Poddy!)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Death by Jillian Michaels

First official workout of October: DONE! If I'm dead tomorrow, you'll have Jillian Michaels to thank! A few months ago, I bought one of her books and it had a code for a free month to her website. Well, I decided to try her out! As some readers know, I am quite a fan of Miss Jillian. I listen to her podcasts each week, I have all her workout videos except 30 Day Shred and some teen one she made, and of course, I watch The Biggest Loser every week. Once I buy a Wii, I'll definitely be buying her video game that you can preorder now.

Jillian's website is based on three major elements: Self, Science, and Sweat (just like her first book). I haven't checked out the science (food plans, recipes, oxidizer type, etc.) yet. Today, I was ready to conquer the Sweat! Today, I was scheduled for a lovely, painful circuit. I'm used to working out hard back from when I was doing marathon training, but that was about 3 years ago, so I decided to set myself at Level One (the beginner level). Good choice! Thank you, brain!

Below is what I just completed. I did a bit more jumping jacks and rope than the 1 minute suggested and I think I may have did a few extra sets because I lost count in my head, so it took me about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Circuit One: (repeat 3 times)

  1. Wide Grip Pulldown (12)
  2. Jumping Rope (1 minute)
  3. Hack Squats (12...I did 16 each time...yes, I'm crazy)
Circuit Two (repeat 3 times)
  1. Dumbbell Row (12)
  2. Jumping Jacks (1 minute)
  3. Forward Lunges (12 each side)
Circuit Three (repeat 3 times)
  1. Supermans (12 I noticed my carpet had an odd odor so I whipped out the Febreeze. Then, it smelled like lavender vanilla funk! After the third set, my back told me "Stop with the strengthening already!")
  2. Jumping Jacks (1 minute, very sick of jumping jacks by the third set!)
  3. Static Lunges (12 each side, My legs and arse muscles cried after the third set)
Oh no, we are not done yet!!!

Circuit Four (repeat 3 times)
  1. Dumbbell Bicep Curl (12)
  2. Jumping Jacks (1 minute, I'm sure my downstairs neighbors love me by now!)
  3. Bicycle Crunches (12 I remember these from Winsor Pilates. Mari on the video did them much faster than Jillian's instructions. My core muscles did not like being activated after such a lapse!)
Circuit Five (repeat 3 times, Thank goodness this is the last circuit!!!!)
  1. Concentration Curls (12 each arm)
  2. Jumping Rope (1 minute)
  3. Russian Twists (12, My core begged me to leave it alone after the 2nd set but I pushed through)
Oh yes, I had a warm-up and cool-down as well included in my time above. Next time, I will learn how to keep count! I worked hard on keeping my form throughout, so I hope not to experience too much pain later today. Now, I must hurry and get ready for work, so I'll be back later!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What is Missing??

I am cold!! Not just cold, FREEZING!! Let me put it this way: I'm huddled under two layers of blankets, my nose is starting to drip, and I'm seriously considering typing with mittens. SERIOUSLY!! Gotta love the true change to fall going on this week! Last week, I woke up to temps at least in the it was 41! Next week, the weatherman I can't stand said we'll be seeing some frost (guess I should start hunting for my ice scraper now!) I wonder when our first snow will be this year. Maybe I should start pulling out my sweaters.

I've been seeing quite a few people posting their Wordles on their blogs lately so I decided to take a look and find out what mine looks like. Ta Da!


I'm seeing some keywords that are desperately needed in my word cloud. Why aren't they there? I haven't wrote about them in quite a while, evidently! I'll give myself 50 lashes with a wet noodle. What are those words: Workout, Exercise, Walking, Treadmill, etc. You get the picture! That changes today! No, I won't just randomly type those words in my next posts, silly! You'll start seeing my workout reports right here tomorrow. My October goal is to get 25 true workouts in for the month. I'm not going to be counting my walks during work breaks, even those are great! Stay tuned!