Thursday, July 2, 2009


Thank goodness the month of June is over!! I swear, May and June have been so frustrating in terms of my weight loss efforts. After my last post, I lost one pound and thought I'd have another great loss on Saturday. I almost cried when I found out I was up six pounds. OK, I did have a good cry when I was alone. I exercised, drank mostly water, and ate more good things like veggies these past two weeks and this is the way the scale tries to hurt me!

Do not fear, I will not give up! Going through my weight loss history, I have always had problems after making three or more great months of progress. I either hit a plateau, gain, or just give up. Why do I do it? I don't brain likes to mess with me sometimes. Maybe I just am not pushing myself as much as smaller clothes still fit...I give myself treats more often...I skip a WW day off from working out becomes two... It all begins to add up. Arrrgh commitment sucks but I need to get my focus back.

So, it is time to get back on track. I have joined a new challenge, bought a blender so that I can try one of those Green Monsters all you other bloggers rave about, going back to beatings from Jillian by using her videos, and also changing up my food by using some of the techniques in her new book. I also will set up an appointment with a doctor in the next week (yes, I really will go this time) just to make sure I'm in good working order and probably get back on some meds that I keep forgetting to get renewed. I also need to get back to regular blogging...that seemed to help me stay accountable. So, get ready to see more of less of me around here!