Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Show Me the Money!

I'm a bit behind on getting my second post up! Oops! I guess I need to stop keeping up with everybody else through Google Reader...and maybe I should stop adding more blogs to that list. Maybe having 60-80 posts to read each day is a sign of a bigger problem. I either need to cut down my list or just say no to reading until I get my own post up.

So anyways, some good things finally happened this week. First, I'm going to be a permanent employee!! Well, I'm 99.9% sure I am, but I can't say 100% until my supervisor makes it official. In November, I made the decision to leave my full time job in sales with free medical insurance and took the chance on a temp position in the pharmacy field. I was so tired of having to deal with the phone most of the time, and I wouldn't have to take incoming calls or anything at all to do with a phone for that matter with the new job. I finally get to break away from the phone headset chain!! Plus, I still was holding a grudge about a manager who told me I didn't "sparkle" enough when I was handling PCS crud for the center to become a permanent coach...although I still got wonderful reviews from everyone else. After two years there (and seven years overall in doing customer service/sales over the phone) it was time to get out! I am so glad I made the change...I get to come to work everyday, pop on my iPod, and enter prescriptions most of the day. I have my cubicle and almost my whole row to myself, no irritating supervisor interruption (as of yet), and I'm getting paid more than I was at my other job including the sales commissions. Yay!! Next step...looking into my tuition reimbursement options so I can go back to school yet again and finish what I started.

Also, my fiance finally got a job offer and he'll be starting work tomorrow. He has been out of work since January...after 5 million interviews, one employer finally bit. That means I will get to do something fun with my next paycheck instead of worrying how to cover the bills! Maybe we'll even get to join the gym again. It isn't his dream job, but it will be fine until something better comes along. Once we get our piggy bank feeling satisfied, we'll be able to reschedule that postponed wedding. I just hope he sticks with a job for awhile...his track record since moving here isn't the greatest, but that's a whole other story.

It's getting late and my eyes are drooping, so I'll stop this post here and share more next time.