Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stay Away From the Yogurt Aisle!

As I promised, I am back with a more detailed post!

First off, I had my first gain of the year two weeks ago. I ended up gaining 0.2 pounds due to a late night meal at McDonalds. I didn't make the worst choice...I ended up having chicken nuggets and a handful of fries before I gave them to someone else...but I could tell that I was retaining salt. This meal was only 10 hours away from my WW meeting, so I expected to see a bit of damage. I was over checking out my parents new house and trying to talk some sense into my sister who was stressing out my mom due to her Bridezilla ways when we realized we hadn't had supper yet. McDonalds was about the only thing left open besides IHOP and Perkins...we just wanted to grab something to take home. It is nice to know that one bad choice does not screw up my whole week!

Later that Saturday, Giggleman and I went grocery shopping. We never go to the grocery store on the weekend or during peak hours, but we really needed some stuff. The parking lot was packed, the aisles were crowded, and I just wanted to get out of there as fast as I could. We made it until the dairy aisle. First, the store was out of my Laughing Cow cheese...then the yogurt aisle was filled with four people checking out the same yogurt I wanted to get. I can handle pushing through to get what I want, right? Nope! I had my first panic attack in over THREE YEARS right there! Giggleman had never seen me go through one before so he didn't know what was going on. I couldn't manage to get out words, so I just kept circling and circling like a mad woman. He grabbed my arm and asked what I wanted but all I could do was shake my head. I headed out of the aisle, out the store, and was sobbing uncontrollably by the time I made it to the car. Arrgh! This week, I had almost the same problem in the bottled water section. I thought I had tackled my panic issues...evidently I need to get back to work on it.

I almost didn't make it to my WW meeting on Saturday due to car issues. I started up the car and it would kill every single time I pulled out of park. I guess I need to start paying attention to keeping up with car maintenance...most of it was due to a badly needed oil change. But, I think my thermostat thingy is messed up now too because the temperature gauge likes to go too high after a longer drive and my car heater doesn't seem to be working. Oops! I could really save money if I would just deal with things right away. Luckily, I made my meeting and was down only 0.4 pounds. I keep telling myself a loss is a loss, but I always want more. After tracking all my food for a month or so now, I can tell a pattern in my loss. My big problem is my body just doesn't give hunger signals...I never feel like eating all day...and then have a bigger meal to compensate. When I had great losses, I consciously made myself eat all meals including breakfast even though I didn't "feel" hungry. These last two weeks, I've been quite low on points and was lucky to get two real meals in. So, I'm thinking my body is holding on to the little food I give it in order to make it through my workouts. It has been pounded into me to eat all my points, but it just is difficult. Why can't my body just be happy and let go? So, I'm going to work extremely hard to get back to the breakfast and lunch routine again. I guess science does know best!

I have a fun new item that I've added to my fitness routine in the past week. I am now a proud owner of a Wii! Yay! I do not have the Wii Fit (yet), but I have been using My Fitness Coach. I used to have Yourself Fitness for the computer a few years ago, and I was happy to find Maya again! Her jumping jacks in the fitness test made me beg for mercy (I thought 30 seconds with Jillian was rough with the bouncing....but two minutes with Maya is much worse!), but I found out that I'm much more flexible than before I started the 30 Day Shred. I also rock at crunches. So Maya and Jillian have been kicking my arse this week. Maya does have some big breaks incorporated in her workouts, so I think I'll have to do a longer program to get maximum results.

Wow, I've been rambling on and I haven't even got to the most interesting info! I guess I'll save that for my video post or another regular one this week. See you then!