Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The title sure sounds like my last month! My Aunt Flo has come and gone THREE times for very short visits, my energy is still zapped, and I've been busy with work. On the technology front: my cell phone decided to take an unintentional swim in a glass of pop, my pedometer decided to hate any pants I tried to hook it to, and my internet connection liked to disappear whenever I wanted to post! Oh yeah, and my DF stepped on my glasses last Sunday...making me realize how blind I really am without them!

What have I accomplished in this quiet time away from the blog?

  1. Thought long and hard about what goals are important for me to work towards right now
  2. Participated in Fat Bridesmaid's Pedometer Challenge (although I didn't get the last week's numbers reported due to the lovely net)
  3. Read 10 "chick lit" books, 4 health/fitness books, 1 fat acceptance book, and halfway through Anna Karenina (I feel like I'm back in high school AP English again with the last choice...never finished it then but I WILL finish it now!)
  4. Working hard on my 2nd week of the WOMAN Challenge
  5. Decided to join, then changed my mind, and decided again, and then changed my mind, and decided again to rejoin Weight Watchers. If my mom will go along, I'll really start this Wednesday or Thursday...if not, I'll go on my own next week.
I also celebrated my first wedding un-Anniversary yesterday! Yep, big sigh. And nope, I did not take that day to pick a new date on the calendar yet. It WILL be next year or it's never happening.

I see that I received my first comment while I couldn't check in here! Yay! I hope you come again. I have set a new challenge for myself starting tomorrow...you'll have to come back then to see what it's about!! It will include posting here more often!!

But for now, it is past 2 AM, and the LOUD, AWFUL snoring in the bedroom is making me lose my concentration, so I will be back later!