Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sh*t or Get Off the Pot!

As I've stated in my last post, I've been doing a lot of reading lately. I started a new book, The Beck Diet Solution. Supposedly, the author helps you deal with your head issues so that you'll succeed with whatever plan you'll try..."train your brain to think like a thin person!" The book has a six week plan with a new task to accomplish each day. The first day, I wrote down all the reasons I wanted to lose weight. Yesterday, my goal was to pick two plans that I will use. One plan will be what I start with, and one will be for when I decide the first isn't working. Hmmmm...so all diets do fail!! Of course they do! Most people go back to their same habits when they reach their goal and eventually put the weight back on. I know I'll have to be conscious about what I do with my body and what I put in my mouth for the rest of my life. I eat without thinking and spend too much time in front of the computer or the TV, either as part of my job or to entertain myself. I know what I should be doing in order to feel better, but I don't. I just can't live like this anymore.

Sometimes, you just need to stop talking about things and actually do something. Well, that is exactly what I'm about to do. Even in my last post, I made excuses about why not to start a new plan. Turns out, my excuse wasn't even valid. I talked to my man the next day about eating differently and he is completely ready to do it. He said he'll eat or cook whatever I want, even those dreaded vegetables. So, we're going to try starting Sunday. Why Sunday? We both get paid by then, it's the beginning of the month, and we'll have finished the foods we're going to limit by then.

I plan to focus on my health for 100 days and see what I can accomplish. During this time, I commit to tracking all that goes in my mouth, walk daily and perform "formal exercise" at least 4 days a week, and post here daily Monday-Friday. I'd like to commit to weekend posts as well, but it seems like my net connection goes wonky almost every weekend, like this Memorial weekend where I couldn't get on since Saturday afternoon. I will be assessing and making changes as I go along, and hopefully I'll have some great successes to share by September 9th!


Thinking Thin said...

Good for you! Keep us posted on the book and what you think.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and joining the challenge. I have added you to the 'roster'.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm doing the biggest loser challenge too and I just thought I would say hello. Nice to meet you and your blog. I have been tossing around the idea of south beach too but the idea of totally giving up fruit for two weeks is really daunting to me. I might give it a go in a little bit, still undecided. I have the audio book so I will give that a listen and see from there.