Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oops, I Did it Again!

I'm late with my update here!! I swear, every time I say I will do something, I tend to do the opposite. Yes, I am my own saboteur. I must figure out how to solve that issue. No time today though! I had planned to post my Black Friday tips (#1: Avoid it altogether!)  Alas, Giggleman forced me to go with him, so I didn't get to write them and mock those who were out there at 3 AM! Shockingly, most stores were well organized this year except for Toys 'R Us. Why he wanted to go in there just for a great deal on batteries is beyond me...but when the line to check out runs through 90% of the store, it's time to give up!

Weigh in from Saturday: up 2 pounds. It wasn't totally unexpected due to Thanksgiving, but seriously, I thought I did pretty well! One of the other culprits came out of hiding earlier this week...Aunt Flo still has lovely timing. I should really recognize the warning signs (aka last post bathroom issues), but I still get shocked. I really should have known...but it seems like she just left a week ago. I guess her visit is actually almost on time for once by looking at my archives. Wow! So, I'm hoping for a lower number on Saturday. Either way, I am cracking the whip on myself and am planning every meal for the next week and will not budge when Giggleman begs to do something else. Seriously, he is one of my biggest obstacles! He tries to be supportive...sometimes... Yeah, something needs to be done but I'm not ready to start spilling my guts about that yet.

Time for me to finish getting ready for class, so I'll post more later. Less than two weeks before my huge pharmacy test, so I'll be here more often after I'm done!


renee said...

I went shopping on black friday and target was the worst...i'm not even why we went shopping that day..i guess it was just something to do...

The Scale Whisperer said...


I'm here by way of the Biggest Loser Blog Edition. You write very well, and I look forward to getting to know you better!

:) tsw