Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bow Down to the Pumpkin Spice God!

For the past week or so since oral surgery (and since my awesome weight loss), I've been experiencing some trouble on the errr....bathroom front. To put it bluntly, I've been terribly constipated! I had been eating enough fiber and drank plenty of water, but the bowels just weren't moving much, and when they did, it hurt like giving birth. Well, I imagine birth hurts that much based on the movies. To use a term I'm familiar with, it hurt as badly as passing a kidney stone! My mom said the problem could be due to the lovely pain medication I was on. (BTW, I never ended up having any mouth pain, so they may have worked too well...they worked well for my shoulder!)

But, I discovered a cure that seems to work for now. Googling tells me it shouldn't work, except for one alternative cure site, but my body is all about defying the norm. My cure comes in the form of one pumpkin spice cappuccino in the morning! I hate anything that tastes too much like coffee unless it is doctored up with so much creamer or sugar that one could ask "Would you like a bit of coffee in your cream?" I have slowly grown to like some cappuccino flavors, and pumpkin sounded good, so I thought I'd try one. Coffee is a diuretic, so it usually increases constipation problems when drinking huge amounts. But, 30 minutes after I drink the lovely pumpkin spice concoction, I get the urge to go and I'm back to normal again. Yay!

In other news, I've found a new crazy weight-loss gadget for the week. Let me introduce you to the Diet Guard. It looks like the fancy mouth guard the dentist made me when I was treated for TMJ. I ended up grinding a hole through that bugger. For only $49.95 (or $99.90 for both your top and bottom teeth), you too can have a custom-molded mouth guard to prevent you from eating. Hello, if I was hungry enough, I'd pop that guard right out! I don't remember experiencing any lovely weight loss back then. If the gadget automatically stuck to my teeth until a programmed meal time, then we'd have a product worth buying!

Off to study before leaving for my pharmacy class, so I'll be back again tomorrow. (Seriously! A week with more than one post! Will the world stop turning?)


Espressomama said...

No, a good coffee can get you moving! If you smoke with it, the combo can be deadly. So glad I quit - smoking - coffee is a lifeforce. LOL

Julie said...

That is such a dumb product... Why would you not eat because you have a removable piece of crappy plastic on your teeth???

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Truth be told, the thing that really did it for you was most likely the creamer- or specifically the fat in the creamer. Fiber adds bulk, water hydrates, but miss those healthy fats and the works get terribly bound up. All fats work in this fashion,but healthy fats benefit your body so much more. Double check your food logs and make sure you are getting in those servings of the healthy fats.