Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day One--I'm Still Alive!!

As I promised to myself, I jumped back on the healthy lifestyle horse today. For my food plan, I am trying the South Beach plan. I'm shocked I didn't change my mind again about that before today. My man did a bit of grumbling while I pointed out veggies in the grocery store, but he's still with me so far. I tracked all my food today, and I did pretty well for the first day. I did have a few problems though!

  1. I ate a LOT less caloriewise than I planned. Part of the problem was I couldn't get myself out of bed until almost 2 pm!!! So breakfast ended up being lunch and I had a bigger snack later on.
  2. I ate a veggie that I'm supposed to avoid until Phase 2. But the corn was sooooo good! Also, my fudgsicle snack was higher in carbs than my whole breakfast. According to the book, this snack is recommended, so I'm still a bit carb-confused.
  3. According to my SparkPeople food log, I had a bit more fat than I should have. Only by 9 grams though! My carbs were lower than suggested, but of course that will happen when I'm eating lower carbs during this phase! The book didn't really state (I don't think) how much I should aim for daily, so I'll have to check that out.
  4. I didn't fit any exercise in. I'm not counting all the pacing I did in the grocery aisles. So, I need to kick that into gear tomorrow!!
Day 1 Stats:
  • Weight: 310 (Dang, if I only would have kept the weight off 2 years ago, I'd only have 40 pounds left to goal!)
  • Calories: 1287 (as I said, a bit lower than I'm shooting for)
  • Fat: 69 g
  • Carbs: 83 g
  • Protein: 87 g (in the normal range according to SP)
I have to weigh in again tomorrow for the Biggest Loser Challenge (link on the sidebar), so we'll see if there is a weight change...if it doesn't move, I'm still down 2 for the week without really trying!


Thinking Thin said...

and you did great :P.