Friday, September 26, 2008

Pain and Agony

This week has been brutal!  I've been sick all week (nausea, stomach cramps, migraines, fever, body aches, etc.) Today, I feel a little better than death warmed over, so here I am!

On Monday, I went to the chiropractor for the first time in years. There was one at the bridal fair who was doing free screenings, so I set up an appointment after seeing my nerve scan results.  He had a deal where X-rays, a full spine checkup, and whatnot would be only $10.  Can't pass up a deal!  I've been having lots of headaches, weird numbness, and sharp pains lately so it was time to find some kind of help. He told me my results were quite unusual and I'm pretty much screwed up!  I pretty much figured that out on my own :)  First, imagine the curvature of the spine in the neck area as a banana facing one way. Mine is facing the opposite way which he said most likely causes all the awful headaches that I get. When he checked out my posture, he asked if any doctor has mentioned anything about having a short leg. Ummmm, no? He pointed out my one shoulder sits up quite a bit higher than the other one. I looked in the mirror and it's clearly visible...I never realized it though! He needed a bit more time to go over the rest of the x-ray results, so he said he'd call me that night if anything else stood out. When he called, he said he found some issues in my lower back, but he believed that chiropractic care would help the issues he found. So, I'll have to set up an appointment after I check out my insurance coverage.

Also, thank you so much for all the helpful comments on my last posts! I really needed a kick!  I will definitely be going to my meeting tomorrow no matter what time it is. I've been sticking to my points (so hard to get the full amount in when my stomach doesn't want food the past few days) ever since starting meetings. Being sick has hurt me a bit in the exercise for this week, but I should see a loss!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Kicking butt even when you're sick - I can never seem to do that! You ROCK!! Can't wait to here about your WI :)

Kari said...

Some people don't believe in going to the chiropractor but I myself have been seeing my chiropractor for the most part usually once a week for the past year and a half and I feel so much better.
The curve in my neck goes forward as well when i should go back. My one leg is shorter than the other, my hips are not aligned, which means my one shoulder falls shorter than the other as well. I initially started seeing him for my lower back (had problems ever since I was thrown into table/chairs while wrestling with a friend in high school) and I'm SO happy with the improvement I have experienced. I rarely if ever have problems with my lower back now.
Ok so I kinda rambled there a bit...sorry. I hope that it all works to your benefit!

countryjacket said...

Happy Friday! I hope your weekend is awesome!!