Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yes, I'm Officially a Spazz!

I made a goal for myself when I joined WW last week. I would NOT miss a week unless I'm dying. Well, I already blew it!!!! Giggleman informed me Friday night that he had to work Saturday morning. So, we'd have to attend a meeting at 6:30 AM in order for both of us to go together.  OMG, that is early for me! I used to get up that early almost every day before I changed jobs. Now, I'm spoiled by my later shift and getting to sleep in. When the alarm rang, we were still tired, so he decided to skip and I decided I'd go without him later. After bringing him to work at 8 AM, I decided to sleep for 2 more hours, then get ready to go to the 11 AM meeting. Obviously, I overslept or this paragraph would have no point! 

So, my weigh-in will have to go by my home scale...304.4. I have no idea if that is close to the WW weight or not, because I forget what my home numbers were last week. 

In other news, I went to a wedding show today with two of my sisters. While my sister was getting her hair styled for free, she spied her fiance's ex-girlfriend. She's getting married too! The ex stared my sis down and we could tell she was checking out her ring to compare who's was bigger. Ha! She then straightened up, made a prissy face, and covered her stomach. Methinks there was something she was trying to hide.  I then ran into someone I knew...well I think I know her. We had a totally normal conversation and I told her I almost didn't recognize her with short hair and glasses. I think she was someone I used to work with. After she left, I started to doubt my memory and thought maybe she was another person from the past. Oh well!

Time for my rant of the day! There was a booth for LA Weight Loss at the show. The chick there was giving her spiel to some brides that walked past about losing weight. The women she specifically targeted were all thin!!  She came up to my sister who maybe has only 10 pounds she could part with before starting to look anorexic and offering her all kinds of crap.  She totally ignored the bigger gals who were checking out her papers.  WTF?  My sister used to have body image issues...way to make her doubt herself! She asked me if I thought she should lose 20 pounds afterwards.  I noticed this same type of thing when they were at my company's health fair. If that is LA's strategy, I do not agree with it!  Also, some vendors completely ignored me and then made a huge effort to talk up my sister. Grrrrr, well they won't be getting my business!

Giggleman is getting antsy, so I'm going to have to cut this entry short. I guess I'll have to visit my fellow BLBE peeps tomorrow!


Sara said...

LA Weight loss sucks - I definitely do not understand that whole thing!

Kick Butt Time - you MUST go to WW this week!! Did you know that people who go to meetings lose 3x more weight than those who don't! That's the difference b/w 10 and 30 lbs (crazy huh?).

Happy Challenging!

Biggest Loser Blog Edition said...

From this point forward, you gotta get outta bed and catch the 6:30 a.m. meeting if need be. No missing meetings. But more importantly, for accuracy, you should be doing it at the same time every week. But if that's not possible, up and at 'em for 6:30. Capeesh? Although I do know how friggin hard it is to get up that early when you're not used to it. Now it's time to move on and not miss it next week. Cool?

This is your first offical full week on the challenge, so it's imporant to do it with your full heart and your full effort. You didn't meet your goal, but you didn't "blow it." You're just starting and there's no such thing. It really does take a while to get the hang of everything because there's so much to learn and so much to remember! Don't be hard on yourself for what you can't change, just be firm and insistent with what you can change.


Tanya said...

I think that as long as you're doing what you should be (not skipping meeting because you haven't been like I used to) it's all good. said...

Grrrr to those vendors at the wedding show! For as much as people like to complain about obese people, we sure are invisible!

Let's do this!

Leigh Anne said...

Why don't you hit up another meeting during the week. You don't have to attend the same meeting every time. I know that's what I would prefer but I would also prefer to go to a meeting than to miss it altogether.