Thursday, September 18, 2008

Not a Zombie!

Hey all! I'm back from the blogging dead. I didn't mean to make the absence so long...I've been working overtime at my main job, started a new venture for some extra cash, working on some medical issues, and changing my wedding date again (not my fault this time!) I also have my own functioning Internet again...YAY!!!  So, I'm back to posting and I promise to keep this up regularly.

So what is new?  On Saturday, my fiance and I joined WW together. I know I had hemmed and hawed about it for awhile.  I finally took the plunge after reading about the "Lose for Good" program. Why not lose weight for a good cause? You know what really sucks about being a female? I have been eating pretty cleanly for months now and Giggleman has been eating whatever the heck he wants, ignoring vegetables completely, and rarely working out...he weighs in 40 pounds less than the last time he stepped on a scale (I think it was February or March) and I'm a couple pounds up from when I last weighed in here...303.6. Seriously!

I enjoy being a girl...

I'll just sing that a few times and get to feeling better about that! I'm not going to complain about my messed up thyroid and PCOS. I'm just going to overcome and do more exercise. The scale is not the only indicator of success...the scale is not the only indicator of success...the scale.... 

I'm not mental!  Ha!  So anyway, as I was saying way up there, my wedding date has changed.  The pastor at my church changed, and somehow, they overbooked June 13th. Lovely! I was last, so we got the boot.  We could have went elsewhere, but I'd feel weird going to another church for just one occasion, having to deal with unpredictable weather by going outdoors, or just picking a random place that wasn't already booked.  So, we checked with our reception site for new dates...I didn't want a time in late July or it is now September 19th, 2009! This will be the last time my date changes or I'm going to elope. Seriously!

I am still working on something special to add here once weekly...once I figure out the kinks!  I'll be back tomorrow with some Biggest Loser news!


Sara said...

Welcome to the Biggest Loser Challenge and to Weight Watchers. I'm a lifetime member (not at my lifetime weight though) and a former employee (while I was in school) so I know way too much about the program (sometimes I think it hurts me more than helps me) so if you have any questions feel free to ask!!

That sucks about your wedding but Sept 19th sounds like a great date and fall weddings are the best (I'm a Sept 9th girl).

Anyways, long a$$ comment, looking forward to getting to know you!