Saturday, January 3, 2009

Always a Joiner

It's that time of the year again where New Year's Resolutioners fill up the gyms, WW meetings, and more. When I brought Giggleman to work on Friday morning, the parking lot of the gym next door was packed!! I could see the 5:40AM Body Pump was overcrowded. (BTW, I never noticed how clearly you can see in that particular room from the road. I'm a little bit intimidated to attend a class now!) The parking lot was even overflowing when I left for work when it is usually pretty dead. I have huge anxiety issues in crowds and I really hate waiting for equipment. I may just stick to home workouts for a few weeks. Luckily, I have a plethora of videos to keep me occupied. I finally bought 30 Day Shred and the Biggest Loser Boot Camp and Yoga DVDs last week as well, so I'm set!

Also, the New Year is the time for new challenges and other options online. I will be signing up for a few of the items below.

  1. Biggest Loser Blog Edition 2!!! I participated in the first challenge and sucked donkey balls. Seriously! I'm happy to have lost weight, but I could have done so much better. I'm signing up again, and I'm ready to really kick arse for the team this time!!
  2. Pound for Pound Challenge: This isn't really a competition, but to coincide with the new Biggest Loser season, 10 cents will be donated to Feeding America for each pound you lose, which enough to provide 1 pound of food to a local food bank. Why not lose for a good cause?
  3. New Year New You Challenge: Exercise TV is offering a free workout and nutrition plan to help you kick the New Year off right. The workouts cover four weeks and the food plan covers one. They also are offering daily free workout downloads. Check it out!
  4. Discovery Health National Body Challenge: This 8 week challenge offers support, food and exercise plans, recipes, videos, and expert advice. Also, you get a 30 day pass to Bally's Fitness! (It doesn't work for me since there are none here, but I'm sure most people can find one near them.
  5. NeverSayDiet New Year's Community Challenge: This challenge begins on Monday and lasts for six weeks. There will be daily tips and assignments, weight-loss advice, and more!
  6. Finally, for those who love Bob from the Biggest Loser and just can't get enough support, check out MyTrainerBob! It just opened up a few days ago, but there are options to track your goals, get support from others, get fitness tips from Bob, and even ask him a question.

I think that is enough for now! I need to get back to editing my first video so I can post it by Monday. I am aiming to make it a once a week feature. I can't wait for the next BLBE to begin!!


Emily said...

Hey! Go team Lynn. I'm in the exercise tv thing too. I just found out about it today. I really like the eating plan. Good luck!!