Thursday, January 8, 2009

Random Freak Out and More...

My left side of my body is freaking me out! Seriously, I have some oddities that have recently came to my attention. So anyway, I've been looking through my recent photos in order to choose a new profile pic. Yep, I'm getting tired of my little cartoon. Well, I have mentioned how I had the problems with the pink eye and crud in my left eye, right? In every picture since then, my eyelid is drooping more than the other side and my eye ball is all oogly. It is focusing wherever the heck it wants and doesn't match the right!  What is up with that?

To add to the weirdness, I have been fighting some odd itchiness on my left side this week and it has affected my sleep! I started with a little bit of a scratchy throat...but then it moved to the very back of the roof of my mouth on just the left side is itching like crazy. I have ran my tongue back there so many times to relieve the itch that the skin is getting a bit rough there. Now, my left ear is joining in the mix and itches deep inside whenever I swallow or any other random time it chooses. I haven't ate any new weird foods, I don't feel like I have a cold or anything...did I form an allergy to something in my house? Is my left sinus cavity filled and causing weird side effects? Has anybody experienced anything like this? My left shoulder pain that I dealt with a few years ago is also back. I guess my left side is trying to secede from the lovely union known as my body. If my left leg decides to join, I'm going to really have some problems!

And yes, I did get to watch TBL without giving in and getting spoiled beforehand late Tuesday night. I'm SO GLAD to not see any money grubbing, in it for the wrong reason types emerging. I have too many favorites...I love the non whining gal on the green team, I like Dan on the orange team, I'm intrigued with the dad who had gastric bypass on the brown team, and yes, I love the grandparents on the white team. Heck, I like them all so far. I can't wait to see how hot the black team cousins will be when they shed the pounds! I was fascinated with the MRI scans done on the show. I can only imagine what my insides look like. When I had a CT-scan last year due to female part troubles, I read that my liver was fatty. My doctor didn't mention it at all, so I guess he figured he didn't need to remind me that I'm fat. Really, he's never mentioned losing weight to me once. Then again, he has failed me in the past years. That reminds me...I haven't found a new one yet!

Finally, I will be working the next couple of days to visit all the people participating in the BLBE. Holy cow...over 150 people this time...I'm going to try to at least visit the ones on my team first. Go TEAM LYNN!!  I've noticed that the scale is definitely down this week and my official week one weigh-in isn't until next Saturday, so I'm ready for a nice loss for the challenge. Team Angie better watch out!


Rosie said...

If one more thing on your left side starts messing up I'd go get that checked out, you don't want to let that go.


Sharon said...

Weird about your left side. I hope you get some relief soon. Now I can't wait to see TBL Week 2. Good luck at Sat. weigh-in!

Boo Bear's Place said...

Lets Go Team Lynn!!! looking forward to BLBE its my first time around looks like it will be fun. oh how did you get the BLBE button?

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to spread the love for Team Lynn/Team Lean! I can't wait to get to know you better!


Tiffa said...

I have issues with my right side of the body... what is up with that? Anyways, hope you're feeling better!

Go Team LynN!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

The left side weirdness sounds like your left sinus being clogged. Do you sleep on your left side a lot ? If so, that could be the answer- gravity is pulling all the gunk there and making it get right cozy , and therefore behaving like a bad house guest !

Ms. Gigglepuss said...

Wow, lots of comments today! Great!

Boo Bear--I copied the square image on the right side bar of the BLBE blog, uploaded it, and popped it right on here to make it a button. Hope that helps!

Incredible SF--Ick, I bet you're on to something with the sinus thing. I do lay on my left side quite a bit and my eye waters a bit more after I sit upright after sleeping. Thanks for the input!

Sharon, Rosie, The Scale Whisperer (I love that name! Do your words help the scale act the way you want?), and Tiffa--Glad to meet you all!!! Hope you come again soon, and I'll be visiting you as well. Go Team Lynn!

Anonymous said...

Please see your doctor about your worries - for your peace of mind - and mine! I'm worried about you!

About bringing my own food into a restaurant - just ask yourself - what do you want more? The restaurant food or to finally achieve your goals? I ask myself that every time I'm tempted to go off plan, and I made up my mind to never give up what I want the most for what I want right now.

Hope this helps!