Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 37: Planning to Succeed

I am trying a new program that is supposed to make adding pictures and videos to my blog so much easier.  If it works, you'll be seeing a lot more fun things from me here in future posts :)

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I have been slacking off on exercising for too many days.  Why do I always put off doing things that would be good for me?  I have not figured out that answer, but I sure know how to make enough excuses. I am not putting off moving one more day, despite my cramping.  If I remember correctly, working out seemed to help ease that pain before.  If I don't post with workout results tomorrow, you're allowed to bitchslap me in the comments.  I've also made a plan to check out a class that interests me this week called Pump.  It is supposed to have weight training and cardio in it and it sounds a lot like a class I used to love at my old gym.  The reason why I no longer go to that place is because the class kept on getting canceled for the day I could go.  No answers why...it was always well-attended!  If I can't get myself back on track using my own determination, I will do the unthinkable....get a personal trainer.  I can't so easily back out of a REAL appointment, I would feel bad about wasting money, plus a good one will know how to push me to achieve my best.

I've also pulled out the good ol' Beck book again.  I admit, I stopped reading after Day 14 or so.  Amazingly, some of the assignments after that day make a lot of sense.  One assignment was to plan out a whole week of meals.  I'm also supposed to write down if I eat more than I planned or added any foods and how I felt and blah, blah, blah.  This task frightened me because I am not much of a planner (can ya tell?)  Well, I say I'm going to plan and then I throw away the plan.  I was very successful when I followed the meal plan/grocery list with Ediets a few years ago.  Why did I stop doing that?  It's too long of a story for now, but maybe I'll write about that time of my life later.  I also didn't think I needed to be so structured about eating right.  Errrr, I think I do.  I honestly am going to work out a meal plan for me and have it ready by the weekend.  I'd start my plan earlier this week, but shopping and cooking will just keep me away from the gym, which is my first priority.  I will not let Giggleman convince me to throw my dinner plans out the window, like I did too often last week.  We'll see how that works.

It is way too late and I don't want to use the tired excuse for tomorrow's...ummmm make that later today's workout so I'll be back with more news later!


becklette said...

i do really well with eating pretty much the same thing day after day after day. it makes planning SO MUCH easier (since, for example, i have a caprese salad for lunch 5 days a week) and builds habits, which are easy to follow.

Anonymous said...

Get back on track & get that workout in! In some of the blogs I've read, planning out your week can do wonders! No more excuses! You can do it!

Ready Maid said...

WhoooEEE, I can hear a determined woman speaking through this text! Congratulations on your new plans.

Fyi, I needed structure and a plan to follow for my changes, too; but I really didn't want something I couldn't incorporate into what I call "real living."

My answers came from Best Life. For a small monthly fee, you'll have access to online meal planning, recipes, grocery lists, exercise plans, and an intuitive calorie counter. It's perfect for busy people like us who really WANT to be accountable, but who don't have time to live IN a program. We just want to live BY a program.