Thursday, July 31, 2008

Days 58-60: Sleep is NOT Overrated!

Here goes try #2 to post this!  I wrote a long, rambling entry in the wee hours of the morning...when I clicked publish, my system froze and I guess my draft didn't save either.  Grrrr....

So anyways, I haven't stepped on the scale since Monday but I feel lighter.  Maybe it's due to my haircut!  Taking off 2 inches or so and thinning out my thick, unmanageable mane can do wonders.  My stylist even found a way to make my natural curl come out from hiding and not make me look like I had a fro in the process. Yay!  I've been eating pretty well since giving myself a kick in the pants and I'm going to keep the momentum going this time.

So, how am I doing with the gym?  Here is where my title kicks in.  Towards the end of the month, work managers get quite anxious to beef up numbers.  Which means my boss "strongly encourages all on the team to work at least 4 hours extra for the next couple of days."  I get home late enough and now you want me to do more?  Go in earlier means losing my workout time or sleep and working later makes my struggle to fall asleep start later.  Lovely!

Seriously, I am feeling half dead right now.  When I get home, it takes me forever to wind down and fall asleep.  Just when I finally am getting some good zzzs in, Giggleman's loud alarm rouses me from slumber.  So, I have to get up, get dressed, and drive him to work.  I am the official chauffeur because he doesn't have a license or much experience behind the wheel yet.  Darn New York City transplants and their use of subways and foot power!  He had no need to drive there, so I'm going to have to teach him more when I have the time.  Here in the Midwest, we're driving as soon as the law allows (age 14 here), and many farm kids start much sooner (scary thought!)  After I get home, I can't fall asleep again so well and I only have a few hours before needing to get ready for work.  Maybe I'll have to try sleeping pills again since natural methods aren't working.  I last used Ambien a few years ago when I was lucky to sleep an hour or two each night (known here as the year I'd like to forget!)

My big gym plan will start on Saturday when I have no more overtime!  I have perused the gym schedule and have picked a list of classes I'm interested in and work well in my own schedule.  I'm trying a different class each day...cardio pump, spinning, aqua aerobics, some weight training circuit one, mat fusion (combines yoga and pilates), a class that includes Bosus, balls, and steps, and some aerobic dance type thingy which I don't remember the name.  After the week is up, I'll decide which one(s) I'll commit to continue going.  I'm tired of the solo workouts and the treadmill so I can't wait to start!!


Simone said...

Your title caught my eye - especially since I have beem having very little.