Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cheating on Maya

I am able to post!!! Yay!! Right after I wrote my last one, I noticed that my battery on the laptop was about to die even though it was plugged in. I fiddled with the power cord for a few seconds and a puff of smoke came out. I pulled out the cord and saw sparks....ummmm not a good thing!! So, we took it in and the power supply needs fixing. Luckily, the place we bought it from gave us a loaner to use until ours back. Unfortunately, the loaner is soooo much nicer than ours and I want it. Just say no!

I had an awesome weigh-in today...down 4 pounds! I got my 25 pounds lost sticker, some funky washer with 25 pounds imprinted on it, and my dohickey for 16 straight weeks of WW membership. I joined WW in September, but I didn't stick with meetings faithfully...and officially started again the first day of the new Momentum program and haven't missed since. What is different this time? I'm not sure exactly what is making it work this round. I guess I'm not relying on Giggleman or anybody else going through the process with me. My faithful exercising has also kept me going...I don't feel like I have to hide from anybody. Even if I gain, which hasn't happened in 8 weeks, I know that I'm not a failure and I keep going.

I've had some nice exercise progress in the past week. Last Saturday, I was using the treadmill and my body wanted to try running again. I haven't pushed myself to try it since my ankle surgery in September 2007. I sure wouldn't break any speed records, but it is a good start. When I was doing jumping jacks with Jillian Michaels on Wednesday, my workout pants fell off! I've used the Wii Fit every day this week and I love the boxing part. I do not love my Wii age though. The first day, it gave me an age of 63. Ummm, yikes I'm fat and I have crappy balance, but really? Luckily, I am now down to the age of 39. Maya tries to make me feel guilty when I don't use My Fitness Coach for more than a day though...I enter in my other workouts but she still whines that she misses me. I still love her too and I think she does push me a bit more in some areas than the Wii Fit.

Time to spend some time with the Giggleman, so I'll be back again later!


Mama Bear June said...

Wow, that 4 pounds gave slow and steady a punch in the gut, eh? Congrats on a wonderful loss! Keep making healthy choices. Sounds like you are doing an awesome job with exercise.
Path to Health

antgirl said...

Congrats on the sticking and the four poind loss. Glad you've made such progress with the exercising. For me, that's the key to all of this - consistent exercise.

SeaShore said...

Congratulations on 4 lbs (4!!) lost this week and on 25 lbs gone!

The Better Idiot said...

Argh, if my computer exploded like that I think I would just cry. I have no idea how I'd get it fixed here.

Great going on the loss! I can only hope my super-slow losing leads to a big drop like you!