Monday, March 23, 2009

Slow and Steady...

SUCKS!!! I am tired of slow and steady! I lost another 0.6 pounds at my Saturday WW weigh-in. This is my seventh straight loss, which is great, but I'm sick of seeing the .6! This week I'm getting back to the basics and will be doing some careful food tracking. That is the area I struggle with the most. I also am going to ramp up my workouts a bit more this week...I've managed to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise in daily for over 3 weeks now, but I haven't done much more like I did at the beginning of the year when the scale showed big losses.

In other news, I turned 29 for the third time on Wednesday. How did I celebrate? I worked. Yay! I guess that is part of being an treats or cards at work and it was almost like a regular day. My birthday is one of the major times I really miss my grandma. Every year (when I wasn't in class), she would call me on the very minute of my birth and reminisce about the day I was born...streets were flooded on that day, huge blizzard when I was in the hospital, etc. Luckily, I was surprised by my mom who called that morning and did the same thing.

This weekend, we finally did celebrate my 31st birthday. Giggleman and I went to see I Love You, Man on Saturday after my WW meeting (can't beat the first matinee price!) and then went out for dinner later. On Sunday, we went over to my parents house to celebrate with my family. I wish I could say I was shocked that my oldest sister (the one I'm doing the little weight loss challenge with) wasn't there. She had texted me earlier in the week to find out when we were going to celebrate, but when she came over to get addresses for her wedding invitations a bit later, she claimed ignorance. Ignorance, my ass! My mom told her and her fiance to come on in while she rounded up the addresses, but they decided to sit in the car. Then, they left before my mom even gave the address list! She texted mom about 10 minutes later and said they'd be over in a couple hours to celebrate and to have dinner without them. So, the rest of us had fun playing games on the Wii we brought over. Time flew by quickly...I think we played bowling, baseball, tennis, and more for about 5 hours! When mom was cutting the cake at about 10 pm, we heard the door open and my sister quietly crept into her room. Ten minutes later, she sneaked into the kitchen and grabbed a piece of cake and didn't say boo to anyone. I stopped her and said "No cake unless you talk to me!" She said Happy Birthday with such a lack of enthusiasm. I asked her where her fiance was and she said he didn't want to come. Seriously, the whole family is sick of him and the way that Danielle is just a shell of her former self...she just lets him call all the shots...which is soooo not her regular personality at all...which is maybe why she is that much bitchier to us since she acts so godlike and sweet around him. Ha! Well, mom and Danielle got in an argument about her making so much time for his family (they go up there every other weekend) but them not even spending a minute with us, not using the wedding stamps my mom bought, and everything else. My sister stormed back into her room....20 minutes later we saw her leave with some clothes and a pillow. She refused to answer the phone and texted that she was going to spend the night over at her fiance's apartment (where she lived too until the fiance's pastor scared them out of living in sin!) Oh well, I still had fun despite Danielle's stage show.

I scored some great presents that I actually wanted this year!! Giggleman gave me the Wii Fit on Saturday night and I used it right away Sunday morning! I guess I have poor balance because the game asked me if I trip frequently! LOL! Ok, I do trip quite often but I survive. My goal is to get my Wii Fit age at least within 10 years of my real gave me an age of 60 something! WTF!?!? My mom still has another present for me that she didn't get a chance to buy yet due to being busy with baby shower stuff the past week, but she did get me the workout armband for my iPod Touch (my late Christmas present from Giggleman) I desperately wanted and the first season of Pushing Daisies. I can now get serious with my running plans...I already had purchased the Nike+ sensor and a shoe pouch so I could start tracking my progress. The Touch already has the Nike+ running program thingie on it, so I am ready to go!


antgirl said...

Happy belated Birthday!

Slow and steady still gets you there. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful day!