Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Unintentional Exercise!!

Time for a quick post before I pass out!!

First off, I lost 2 pounds exactly at my Saturday WW weigh-in. I'm sooo close to 25 pounds lost I can taste it! My birthday goal is going to be a stretch, but I still could pull it off.

I have been kicking arse with my workouts...I have now went 14 days straight of exercise! Yay! After doing it for so long, I just feel off if I don't workout at my usual time. I hope that feeling doesn't pass anytime soon. I've been switching it up...less Jillian and more Fitness Coach and Biggest Loser this week.

Today, I got a bit of unintentional exercise which could have been the death of me! I had to scrape the ice off my windows before work. The ice was quite thick and didn't want to move and I could not get the ice off the passenger side windows. Once I got to the end of my apartment parking lot, I knew I had to scrape off the other side in order to see to turn right. So, I pulled over in a parking space and left the car running while I hacked away at the ice again. I come back to open my door...IT IS LOCKED!!! I don't know if I locked it when I got out as a force of habit or it magically happened. I really have a bad issue with locking keys or losing them somewhere! I didn't have a spare...Giggleman has them and he was at work!! My cell phone was locked in the car so I couldn't call anyone. I couldn't get back in my apartment because my apartment keys are on the same chain as the car keys. My apartment manager wasn't home so I couldn't get let in either! So, my one option was to walk to a phone and hope to reach my mom in order to drive me to get the keys from Giggleman so I could turn off my vehicle and/or get to work!

So, I walk across the street to the gym/doctor's office to use the phone. Snow starts coming down and the wind picked up so navigating the parking lot feels like I walked a mile. I use the phone but had a brain fart and could NOT REMEMBER MY MOM'S PHONE NUMBER!! All my number are stored in my cell phone and I never use my brain anymore. I try every combination I could think of and no number was right. Somehow, I remembered my mom's work number...she wasn't working and the staff member wouldn't give her number out!! ARRRGH!!! I walk back home dejected...my car spazzed out the last time my car ran longer than 45 minutes, my engine is on its last leg already, and time was ticking. So, I get the wonderful idea to walk to my mom's house. It doesn't seem that far away when I drive! OMG, after checking the mileage not long ago, it was over 2 miles away...with cold winds, light snow, and a temp of 7 F. Not my smartest move!

Luckily, I did make it there...wearing my dress shoes and sliding around quite a bit in spots. My legs were freezing but not in pain. My cheeks were quite red and my hair was a completely tangled mess! My mom informed me I was dialing their old number...yep, I'm a genius. By the time I got to the house, it was only 45 minutes before my stepdad had to pick up Giggleman from work...which was what I was trying to avoid by getting the keys before that. So, massive FAIL!

On the plus side...35 minutes of Biggest Loser Yoga, 30 minutes of My Fitness Coach cardio, and a 2+ mile hike...I had an awesome quantity of exercise!


antgirl said...

I'm cold thinking about you out there!

Yaaay on the loss. That is good news.

I switch my workouts up every now and then, too. Otherwise, I get bored.

SeaShore said...

Thank God your Mom was home! Imagine if she had gone out. The senario you describe is one that I worry about.

Congrats on your 2 lb loss!