Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hiding Out!

I was planning on making this a video post but somebody ate my memory card! I took it out of the computer last week and didn't put it back in the camera...I just left it on the table and thought it would stay there. When will I ever learn?

A little bit of weigh-in catchup: on Saturday, I lost a grand total of 0.6 pounds. I hate being patient with the process...wouldn't it be nice if you could lose 100 pounds overnight? I knew there was trouble when I couldn't pull off my ring on Thursday. Friday marked the arrival of Aunt Flo...without pain for the first time in years. Seriously! Unfortunately, that pain arrived this week. Arrgh! I am trying my best to push the cramping and migraine away from my thoughts this morning.

In exercise news, I am doing two different challenges this month. One of them began Wednesday of last week...40 days straight of exercise to coincide with Lent along with Fat Bridesmaid and her followers. So far, so good! I haven't had a day off since last Monday. The other challenge is the one my sister wanted me to design for us since her wedding is only two months away. She could tell I've been losing and asked me to create a blog challenge a month ago to push her to exercise and lose weight. Saturday will be our third official weigh-in...last week she kicked my butt in weight loss, but I hope to regain my lead this week. I have been kicking her butt in exercise minutes every week, but she has really pushed herself more this week so this week will be a close one.

So here's my question of the day: How much does your family/friends know about your blogging activity? Giggleman knows about this blog but never checks it out, but I'm just not comfortable with the rest of my close family members knowing all my thoughts and activities. Yet, I'm perfectly comfortable sharing it with those I've never met. For the challenge with my sister, I created a completely different Blogger account so that she wouldn't find me here. I post how much I've lost, but not my real number...I'm fine with spewing it here (284.4 as of last Saturday.) Am I odd to be more open with you all than those in my real life?

Time to wrap this baby up, eat breakfast, and fit in a workout before heading out for the day, so I'll post more Saturday!


Jenn said...

My husband knows about my blog but does not read it. I kept it a secret until we got engaged and merged out money 100% because then he would start seeing the hosting charge.

antgirl said...

No. It's sometimes easier to be more open and our real selves with strangers.

Although, I gave the link to all my family & friends, Husband included, none of them religiously follow my blog.

I do know that some of my friends read it. At least, that's what they tell me in e-mails. LOL

Fatinah said...

I've only given my blog address to one person in my real life. I prefer to just be able to speak my mind and I don't think I could do that if they were reading. Husband knows I have a blog, but he HATES the internet and tried to make me stop. He doesn't have the address either!