Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 11-12: Leave The Headphones On!!

Shopping binges do not lead to blog posting! So, I'm covering two days again :) Since I got paid yesterday, I promised my Giggleman I'd finally buy him his late Hanukkah/birthday present. Yep, I said Hanukkah...I'm that behind. Well, more like we were that strapped for cash since I switched jobs and then he was out of work. This was the first week we didn't have any other bill to catch up on except my cell phone bill. And yeah, yeah, it's all about the thought that counts but he bought me my Pretty Pretty Pink iPod Nano so I wanted to get him something nice! He's been drooling over a certain cell phone for months (he got rid of his when he couldn't make payments and the contract was up). So, he made me get up early so we could get it for him before he had to go to work. Score for making him extremely happy!

After dropping him off at work, I got to do my own shopping! You know how they say bigger girls spend more money on shoes because they can always find something that is cute and fits? I don't get that luxury! My feet are long and thin...size 11! So, it makes it hard to just go anywhere and find a pair. I desperately wanted to find some flats because I'm soooo sick of wearing my clunky heeled shoes. Payless saved the day...I found two cute pairs there for about $20 bucks. The girl suckered me into buying some no-show socks..."they won't show when you wear your new shoes because they just cover your toes!" I knew no-show when you wear sneakers, but I'd never heard of these. I got one pair in tan and one in black, both the same size, but the tan ones keep popping off my feet. The black fit perfectly. It makes no sense! I bought a new pair of capris after trying on three different styles and sizes...I decided to keep the current size I'm comfortable in although the smaller size fit too without having to suck in or lay down to zip. Even when I had lost 80 pounds in 2005/6, I didn't notice my clothes size change that much. Either that, or I just didn't think I should be wearing smaller due to my total problem with recognizing my body...I know my mom said my pants were falling off, but I thought they fit!

Yesterday was a sort of cruddy food day for me. I did good before I went to work, at least!! Usually, my row is pretty quiet since there is only one other person in it and we both usually are listening to our iPods during work. A few weeks ago, another gal switched to our evening shift and is now in our row. She is fun, but talks sooooo much! I'm all about getting to know people since I'm now permanent, so I've been listening to my iPod less and less. Anyways, she is doing some weight loss challenge thingie and she has talked about it SO MUCH in the past couple of weeks. "That trainer kicked my ass!" or "Maybe I should try Weight Watchers!" or "I blew off that pesky Jenny Craig lady and her appointment!" Yesterday, she was "dying for CornNuts!" After that, she was talking about having a craving for tacos. And potato oles. And sour cream. And my stomach started rumbling!

I ended up going to Taco Bell for my dinner break. I was going to play it nice and just get one of their Fresco chicken taco things and not eat the shell. I ordered and the gal told me that they were out the pico de gallo or whatever is in it so it'd just be lettuce...she asked if I still wanted it? Grrrrr....I ended up eating two chicken chalupas instead...I ate the shell too. I didn't want to keep up the line trying to figure out something else! And why not throw some cinnamon twists with that too. I'm weak! Then, Giggleman was hungry when I got home and wanted to go grab something. I grabbed a taco salad from Wendy's even though I wasn't really hungry. So, I had a relapse, but I'm back on track today so far!!

Day 11/12 Totals:

  • Calories: 1098/1950 (ouch!!)
  • Fats: 39/109 (head shaking!!)
  • Carbs: 81/150 (normal range if I wasn't doing SBD, but still!)
  • Protein: 107/96