Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 4: Carb Explosion!

I'm finally starting to feel a bit more energy this week. I'm not sure if it's the food plan that's helping or not, but I am waking up naturally earlier in the day instead of abusing the snooze button or resetting my alarm to the latest time possible without getting late for work. I feel that I'm getting better sleep also. Usually, I wake up at least 5 times a night and slug Giggleman (grrr, he won't let me use his name on my blog yet!) for snoring so loudly. I only woke up once early this AM when he was savagely clearing the forest.

Confession time: I ate a dessert with bread in it last night! I wasn't even craving it, but Giggleman bought it and I've never tried it before. The treat did absolutely nothing for me and I didn't go into a carb craving frenzy mode afterwards. I had my serving and wasn't tempted to eat more even though there was a huge amount left over. It did add 53 g carbs to my total and more fat than I'd like for yesterday and gave me a bit of a headache due to that huge influx. Overall though, I was still within a nice calorie range and even below the SparkPeople (which isn't based on SBD) recommended carb amount for the day. I'm back to full-on Phase 1 today so all is good.

Day 4 Totals:

  • Calories: 1619
  • Carbs: 74 (would have been a new low of 21 without the dessert!)
  • Fats: 82 g (ehhh, whatever)
  • Protein: 144 g (kick arse #)