Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 3: Kitchen Goddess!

The South Beach Diet takes a whole lot of food planning and cooking! I haven't had to cook in two years much due to my man always doing it. But, I never was a horrible cook before then, so I thought I could handle it!! I've been checking out recipes and picking out things we'd like. Kalyn's Kitchen and the boards at 3 Fat Chicks have been a tremendous help!!

Yesterday, I decided to make two items: Mock French Toast/Pancakes (no bread involved and the recipe is the same for both) and Egg Muffins. First, I had to try to find all the items in my kitchen. Let's just say that I am going to do some reorganizing because Giggleman's way just doesn't make any sense! Plus, I had to wash measuring cups, a bowl, a whisk (I think that's the proper name...I call everything thingamabobs myself), and a griddle. I tried the Mock French Toast recipe first. Breaking the eggs and mixing all the other ingredients together were no problem. Then, it was time to cook! I have never made pancakes or french toast before on the griddle, but I've watched plenty of times. How hard could it be?

Needless to say, I made a complete mess!! I didn't know what temp to put the griddle on so I set it in the middle. I waited about 5 minutes to see if the light goes off when the griddle reaches the temp. The light still hadn't gone off but the side of the griddle felt hot, so I decided to pour on my mixture. Big Mistake! The stuff didn't want to stay nicely in one spot like I've seen it when others have cooked and it oozed all over. I only dumped a little on the griddle first, luckily. The mixture started to solidify a bit so I decided to dump on the rest. Oops!!! So, a lot of the gunk didn't stay on the griddle!! And then, the light on the griddle finally went off. Gee thanks!! The part that did stay on did taste pretty yummy although it didn't look like pancakes or french toast at the end!

I then made the Egg Muffins...I put in some celery and meat like it said. Luckily, those worked perfectly!!! They were yummy and perfectly formed and everything! I have enough for days so I won't have to work so hard on breakfast until later in the week. I so wanted to take a picture but I couldn't even find my digital camera. Guess I need to do some cleaning!

By the time I had cooked, cleaned up, and sampled the fruit of my labor, it was almost lunch time. I wasn't ready for lunch so I waited to eat until right before going to work...I threw together a salad and used Wish Bone Salad Spritzer in Red Wine for dressing. Wow, that dressing is so yummy and much easier for me to not overload. Definitely try it if you haven't already. I had a cheese stick and the SB dessert staple, sugar-free Jello. I then headed out to work, forgetting to pack a snack or dinner. My stomach punished me with loud growling, which I haven't felt or heard in a long time. When I got home, I finally had dinner. Surprisingly, I didn't have the urge to gobble the food quickly and overeat. I did have a fudgsicle afterwards and discovered I grabbed the non sugar-free one. Oops!

After I tracked my food for the day, I was VERY low on calories...not good, but not shocking since my lunch and breakfast kind of mixed together and the portions I ate of my cooking were tiny. Totals were:

  • Calories-877 (BAD, BAD, BAD!)
  • Fats: 41 g
  • Carbs: 33 g
  • Protein: 91 g


Jenn said...

I like Green Lite Bites ( for inspiration. I've never actually tried a full recipe of hers, but she has given me tons of ideas for creating some of my own.

Ms. Gigglepuss said...

I'll have to check out that site. I've read Roni's other blog where she mentioned it, and forgot all about it. Thanks for the tip!