Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 17: Pulling Out the Tape Measure

This morning, I was going through my email and followed a link to The site has many dares you can choose to do in order to change your life, like stop smoking, run a marathon, lose weight, etc. I was checking out the diet and weight loss portion...I went to check out a video about how to speed up your metabolism and it was pretty much just an ad for a certain personal trainer. Nothing about metabolism whatsoever...ok. Then, I click on the weight loss area and the first articles are about "4 Ways to Qualify for Gastric Bypass" and "Smart Shopping for Weight Control Pills". Under the video section, the highlighted ones were on lap band surgery. This part of the site just seems off to me! I would think I'd see more about nutrition and whatnot.

I then checked out the calculator to find my ideal weight. It asked me for my height and my wrist size. So, I had to go find my tape measure! My wrist came to 6.25 ideal is supposedly 140. If my wrist was a quarter-inch bigger, I could weigh 14 more pounds. Yikes, who knew what a difference a little bit could make. My ideal sounds a bit low to me...I was talking to my sister the other day and she said she weighed 170. She looks good and she's shorter! But, I remember weighing that in high school and I was ridiculed by some and feeling like a big cow. I know the country is getting bigger, but I'm shocked that I'd be considered pretty normal to the other kids now. Wow! Since I had the tape measure out, I figured I'd check out my waist size. I forgot to take measurements at the beginning of the month, but I did have that measurement from the health fair. Good news! I've lost two inches! Yay!

Day 17 Totals:

  • Calories: 1310
  • Carbs: 78
  • Fats: 34
  • Protein: 169


Lassie said...

You write very well.