Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 8-9: My Fitness Miracle!

I'm off on my day count! Today is the 10th...I'm recapping yesterday...so I guess we'll make this post Day 8/9. Oops!

Last night, I was up a bit late watching TV after work. You know you're up too late once the infomercials start playing. Sometimes, I just have to laugh at the cheesiness of the products. Well, I finally found the piece of equipment I just HAVE to buy...NOT!!!

The Red Exerciser!! I just had to go to their website...there are three different models of this thing! I think I'll just figure out how to pimp my office chair with some resistance, use a broom to grip, and I'll be fit for life, right? Swivel my way to health! I do love my infomercials and have some great products I still use (Winsor Pilates, Turbo Jam, and the Firm), but I just won't get suckered in by this idea.

Since I've made it through my first week of Phase 1, I think it's time to do a bit of assessment. I had a nice loss for the week, but there is a big component I didn't focus on last week. You might have guessed it....EXERCISE!!!! Now, I did walk everyday, but that didn't amount to that much work. So, I'll definitely be adding that in here this week. I let my Giggleman's attitude about working out ("Oh, I'll start hardcore once we rejoin the gym") affect what I did. I had a whole month of great home workouts using my various videos, but then slacked off after I had some major pain for a week. No more of that! If I don't report back tomorrow with some exercise results, make sure to slap me around a bit!!

Another thing I'm struggling with is eating enough. You'd think a girl my size has no problems with food, right? Well, before I began this plan, I usually ate one big meal at the end of the day, sometimes lunch, and never breakfast. I didn't really notice myself getting hungry and don't eat unless something is sitting in front of me, I wander into the kitchen, or I see Giggleman munching on something and grab some of his stuff. My big meal of the day usually ended up with us eating out or Giggleman cooking me some huge portions of food. With eating regular meals this week, I'm getting full, and when I track my food (except for Saturday), I'm shocked when my calories are low. I just don't feel like I could eat more, even though I'm trying to reach 1500 calories a day. Weird! I am going to plan my daily meals in advance so that way I know I'm getting my calories and nutrients in...if I eat too low now, my body will get too adjusted, and I sure don't want a plateau down the road where I'll have to cut more to get movement.

Third goal for this week: Increase my water intake! Before this week, I had no problem getting 64 ounces of water or more in daily. Maybe it was because I drank more instead of having the mandatory snacks for South Beach. Last week, I struggled. So, I will focus on drinking at least 2 glasses of water at each meal and making sure I keep my water bottle refilled at work. Hopefully these changes will make week 2 go even better!

Monday Totals:

  • Calories: 1462
  • Carbs: 62
  • Fats: 75
  • Protein: 137


QL girl said...

You sound like you're doing great!

About the exercise though, I'm in the same boat right now...its been a week now and NOTHING! I'm getting back to my walk/run routine tonight.

About the food, I just think its harder to accumulate more calories when you're eating that much low calorie food. Since everything they recommend is lean stuff, you'd just have to eat a lot more.

lol...I LOVE infomercials! I wouldn't dare trust any "product" on there, but I love watching them. (I found it kind of funny how every item you mentioned wasn't really a gadget...I think workout videos are one of the few things you can get away with buying from TV!)