Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm Nothing if Not Consistent!

Second verse, same as the first! Second weigh-in, same amount lost. So, I'm still in the 300s for another week...down -1.6 bringing me to 300.4. Just a measly 0.4 pounds away! My loss is going soooo slowly this time. I'll see how this week goes since I'm now back to regular workouts.

Giggleman didn't sign up for overtime or find any other excuses, so he made it to the WW meeting yesterday. After seeing his gain (only 0.4 but still!!) and hearing about a person in our meeting who has lost 120some pounds, he found his motivation again. So, he promises that he'll get on board with eating better this week. Time will tell if he sticks to his word or not.

I finally found the way to torture Giggleman on Saturday! He always teases me about being a band geek throughout high school and college. He has NEVER been to a marching band competition and vowed that he wouldn't get to one! I dragged him to the Festival of Bands finals last night. He was shocked that the stadium was full of band lovers! I think he enjoyed some of it...well, at least he liked keeping track of how many flags, rifles, etc. were dropped :) My old high school performed well, but I don't think as well as when I was in it with the previous director! But, I'm biased! I'll get him to a DCI competition when it comes to town next summer. Those are the best!

I'm off to work on our grocery list for the week, so I'll post more later!


Julie said...

Way to go!!
Great loss, you will be in the two hundreds in no time. said...

You'll get there!

I dropped many a rifle myself when I was in junior high band ;-)

Elsha said...

Well done on the weight loss! You will soon be down into the two's! :)

Goal Digger said...

Good for you! A loss is a loss - and soon you'll be in the 2s... exciting! Glad to see you didn't die from the Jillian beating the other day - I did a Bob Greene workout once that left me severely stiff and in pain for over a week! Did you find PPP? Hopefully she's not lost forever!

Bye for now - and keep up the good work!