Thursday, October 2, 2008

Death by Jillian Michaels

First official workout of October: DONE! If I'm dead tomorrow, you'll have Jillian Michaels to thank! A few months ago, I bought one of her books and it had a code for a free month to her website. Well, I decided to try her out! As some readers know, I am quite a fan of Miss Jillian. I listen to her podcasts each week, I have all her workout videos except 30 Day Shred and some teen one she made, and of course, I watch The Biggest Loser every week. Once I buy a Wii, I'll definitely be buying her video game that you can preorder now.

Jillian's website is based on three major elements: Self, Science, and Sweat (just like her first book). I haven't checked out the science (food plans, recipes, oxidizer type, etc.) yet. Today, I was ready to conquer the Sweat! Today, I was scheduled for a lovely, painful circuit. I'm used to working out hard back from when I was doing marathon training, but that was about 3 years ago, so I decided to set myself at Level One (the beginner level). Good choice! Thank you, brain!

Below is what I just completed. I did a bit more jumping jacks and rope than the 1 minute suggested and I think I may have did a few extra sets because I lost count in my head, so it took me about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Circuit One: (repeat 3 times)

  1. Wide Grip Pulldown (12)
  2. Jumping Rope (1 minute)
  3. Hack Squats (12...I did 16 each time...yes, I'm crazy)
Circuit Two (repeat 3 times)
  1. Dumbbell Row (12)
  2. Jumping Jacks (1 minute)
  3. Forward Lunges (12 each side)
Circuit Three (repeat 3 times)
  1. Supermans (12 I noticed my carpet had an odd odor so I whipped out the Febreeze. Then, it smelled like lavender vanilla funk! After the third set, my back told me "Stop with the strengthening already!")
  2. Jumping Jacks (1 minute, very sick of jumping jacks by the third set!)
  3. Static Lunges (12 each side, My legs and arse muscles cried after the third set)
Oh no, we are not done yet!!!

Circuit Four (repeat 3 times)
  1. Dumbbell Bicep Curl (12)
  2. Jumping Jacks (1 minute, I'm sure my downstairs neighbors love me by now!)
  3. Bicycle Crunches (12 I remember these from Winsor Pilates. Mari on the video did them much faster than Jillian's instructions. My core muscles did not like being activated after such a lapse!)
Circuit Five (repeat 3 times, Thank goodness this is the last circuit!!!!)
  1. Concentration Curls (12 each arm)
  2. Jumping Rope (1 minute)
  3. Russian Twists (12, My core begged me to leave it alone after the 2nd set but I pushed through)
Oh yes, I had a warm-up and cool-down as well included in my time above. Next time, I will learn how to keep count! I worked hard on keeping my form throughout, so I hope not to experience too much pain later today. Now, I must hurry and get ready for work, so I'll be back later!


Julie said...

Good job!!
Sounds like a good workout.