Monday, October 20, 2008

Guess I'm Going to Hell!!

I need to get to bed, but I can't sleep. So, I guess I'll write up my post for the BLBE. I apologize in advance if this is all rambly and incoherent! Serves me right for accidentally taking a three hour nap this afternoon.

First...WEIGH-IN TIME! I'm exactly the same weight according to my mom's scale. I'd go with my home scale but I can't trust it after fixing gave me 298 and then 306 and then 301 and then 295. Yeah. I'll be buying a new one once I make a decision which one to buy and have the extra cash for it. Why don't I have an official WW number? My car decided to take a dump on me on the way to my meeting on Saturday! Two days ago, a light went on saying SERVICE ENGINE SOON. Well, it was running fine and if it's anything like my 'Door Open' light that picks random times to turn on, there wasn't anything wrong. My car sounded fine and I had my stepdad take a look just to make sure. 

So anyways, I'm driving to my meeting and I notice the lights on the side of my dashboard looking a bit dim. "Well, that's odd!" I thought to myself. Then, the whole dashboard went dark. Uh, oh! Then, my radio started going fuzzy. I decided to stop in the nearest parking lot because my old car did this to me on the interstate once before it died and had to get a new alternator. Luckily, I had my cell phone on me this time because once I parked, I couldn't get it started again. I was pretty sure it was just my battery. My stepdad and my uncle took their sweet time coming over to jump it, so I missed my meeting completely. Saturday afternoon, they went to get my battery checked and the service guys confirmed that it was definitely shot. So, they put a new one in and figured out it wasn't just the battery and I wouldn't last a week without getting a new alternator. Great, the same darn expensive fix that my old car needed! Guess I won't be buying anything fun this week!

Also, I have found a reason to be thankful for Giggleman. He doesn't have any pushy religious family members forcing ideas on me. (He's Jewish, I'm not, not a big deal to anybody!) I went to pick up my youngest sister and bring her to school and was running a few minutes late due to having to scrape the windshield. My other sister's car is in the driveway (the one getting married who lives two buildings away from me and I've only been in her apartment once.) I thought that the youngest called her for a ride or something. Nope, she is now living there until her wedding night instead of her apartment with her fiance. She has started going to some marriage classes with her fiance's pastor in his hometown. Well, I guess his mom and the pastor have been pushing her to move out (yet still pay rent!) until their wedding night. Staying in separate bedrooms was not good enough! I guess the pastor told her the church will pay her half of the rent if she moved out so she finally agreed (ummm, does that strike anybody as odd? And, what would you label the fund that money is coming from?)  She isn't really liking the arrangement yet, and hasn't spent much time with her fiance since then. I guess her fiance's sister even had to go up in front of the church and apologize for having a kid before she was married a while back. Harsh! I don't know what that church denomination is, but I'm glad I don't have that problem! But, if they are right, I'm going to hell!

Finally, I have been working out since my last post faithfully! I have been dropping off the Giggleman, popping in a workout video or doing a Jillian circuit, and then going back to bed if I was still tired. But, I haven't been as tired afterwards...amazing! Guess I can't use the too tired exercise excuse anymore. My goal this week is to go back to my gym instead of just scoping out the parking lot from my apartment for a Pump class. Time to try to fall asleep again before I have to get up in another 5ish hours!


Julie said...

You are soo funny!
Your post always make me chuckle!!
Sorry to hear about your car :(

As for the religion... I find it too weird for my liking.
I am not religious and would not follow those rules.
I guess I'll see you in Hell! LOL