Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Need a Taser!

If you read my blog, you probably watch The Biggest Loser every week. I am so angry after watching the show last night! I yelled at my TV last night and I never get worked up about a show. When I hear about viewers who shed tears watching, I wonder if I'm a bit coldhearted. But gosh darn, I have found my emotion now!

The Poop Brown team needs to go home now. No money. No luck keeping the weight off. I never wish ill about any losers, even Neil a few seasons ago after he did a ginormous amount of waterloading. Last week I just wanted Brady and his accent to go bye-bye. Now, my death glare goes to his wife Vicky. You think a challenge prize is lame so why try? WTF?!? I hope your kids enjoyed hearing that you didn't give a rat's patootie about seeing them! You don't care about losing weight this week because you are "safe"? Gosh, your attitude slays me! Caring about the money only? Smirking when Heba tells Amy P. there is no alliance? Smirking when Brady only loses 3 pounds (oh yeah, I'm sure he did some stunt. You heard the promo for next week about how someone loses more than their entire team?? I'm betting it's Brady.) I wanted to smack that smirk off her soooo badly! If only I had Stewie Griffin's time machine so I could go back in time, head to TBL ranch, and shake her until her attitude adjusted! Heba is very low in my book as of this episode too. I just wish alliances and gameplay wouldn't be such a big part of this game and that teams didn't get to just boot bigger losers at the beginning.

I'm done spewing venom and I just hope that next week's episode is more positive and uplifting. Time to get a workout in and release the rest of my anger!


Anonymous said...

i too feel that that brown team and heba suck and did something shady, I can't even waste anymore time talking about them this morning.

Anonymous said...

"I just wish alliances and gameplay wouldn't be such a big part of this game"

I'm right there with you on this! There are so many people blogging how disgusted they are with this... and quite a few blogging that they aren't going to watch anymore. I think Vicky and Brad were a poor casting choice, and I predict a lot more bloggers are going to be unhappy with or give up on the show.

I'll be sticking it out until the end on this one, and probably at least START watching next season (mostly because I want to see if anyone I met at casting made it in) but if the show is going to be drama and game play and not the struggle to lose weight... well, I'm gonna lose interest pretty darn quick.

Fiona said...

I also can't stand Vicky and Brady! I was so mad when Vicky got the Biggest Loser of the week. And I must have missed the preview for next week saying someone loses more than their entire team. I hope it is not Brady...I just want them gone.

Hydro said...

Ugh. I wrote a blog about this too. I could tell by her smirk when Brady only lost a few pounds that they had purposefully sabataged their own team in order to send someone home AND get big numbers at the next weigh in. I wonder what the trainers think when they have to deal with players that care more about the money than being respectful of everyone's struggle, hard work and efforts! If I were a trainer and I saw the brown team's snickers and bad attitudes, I'd purposefully not push them, let them slack or withhold trainer knowledge.