Monday, October 13, 2008

Breaking the Scale!

First, I lost 0.2 pounds for my Saturday weigh-in. I'm stuck in the 3's for another week. My body always likes to taunt me whenever I want to hit major milestones. Yeah, I know a loss is always good, but I don't have to be thrilled about the result! I know that TOM was (and still is) here, but I also wasn't vigilant on tracking either. Plus, I didn't workout as much as I wanted. So, I shouldn't be surprised!

I found my scale at home broken on Friday. Seriously! I wasn't the one responsible (I think)! When I came home from work, it was sitting in a weird position. I lifted it up and the top half was awkwardly askew from the bottom and a piece fell out.  I tried to put it back together but it was still resting at an angle and just read ERR when I tried to stand on it. I did some more fiddling with it, and I see numbers again but I'm sure they aren't right and it still is not quite parallel to the floor. I accused Giggleman of attacking it for some weird reason, but he claims no knowledge of touching it. I have no animals in the house and the scale can't spontaneously fall apart! Maybe this will break me of my scale obsession until I get a new one. I can't stand knowing how I fluctuate daily...I'm already insane from almost two days of not seeing a number! I guess this will motivate me to use the actual gym a couple of days instead of the home workouts so I can check out my weight.

Since I want to see a better loss this week, I'm unpacking the food scale I bought last week. No more guesstimating the size of a piece of meat or other portion sizes. Plus, I will be counting and tracking every point as I eat it instead of estimating and calling it good. I'm going to try Roni's Twitter eating thing when I'm out of the house...I think I'll be shocked on how off I've been.

My last goal for this week is to try a different workout each day this week. I've been relying on old standbys that don't seem to cut it anymore (I'm looking at you, Leslie Sansone!) Plus, working out on my own is getting a bit stale so I plan on trying some classes again. I just need to find my handy-dandy gym schedule so I can figure out what I can fit in between work, pharmacy study (the book is a bit bigger than I expected!), and sleeping! Look for daily updates from me this week--I seem to do better that way.


Felicia said...

Good luck this week! I am sure your going to do great!

Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

im not big on scales, but, a minus number is great, better than a +

Julie said...

Mysterious scale incident?!! LOL

I would be pulling my hair out without my scale. I'm such a junkie!

You will get to the 2's in no time!
Keep it up!!

Skinny Inside said...

I agree, I would be going crazy w/o a scale! Have a great week-I hope you make the 2's for next week!

SeaShore said...

Good idea, getting out the food scale. You're right, you probably will be surprised, and you'll be in the twos in no time!

Anonymous said...

I need my scale to have an "accident". Hope you have a great wk.