Thursday, October 16, 2008

No Excuses

It is Thursday morning already! I wish I had the magic power to slow down time every so often. I've been letting my exhaustion and TOM get the better of me. I can't let that excuse go any longer...those conditions aren't going to kill me (well, unless I fall asleep driving and crash!) so I just need to push through it. Thank goodness my row at work is pretty empty...I nodded off a couple of times while entering scripts yesterday! I caught myself a minute later in the middle and couldn't remember what the heck I was trying to type. Oops! I seriously need a kick in the butt to get the workouts in! No more excuses!

I found this on Bikini goal is to find a way to combat all excuses that I come up with. A lot of the excuses said here sound too darn familiar.

To fight my sleep excuse, I'm going to try something new tomorrow. Instead of going back to bed after I drop my sister off at school and Giggleman to work, I'm going to do my workout. When I go back to bed, I can't drag myself out of bed again soon enough to fit in exercise before work. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to wake up 30 minutes before work when the alarm didn't go off! Arrgh! I can always take a nap after my workout.  That way, I can get both issues out of the way instead of only one. Wish me luck!

Time for bed so I'll let you know how it goes!


Bikini Envy said...

lol! How ironic. I posted that video because my two major excuses this week were that I was tired and TOM.

You sound like you have a great plan...good luck with it!

MizFit said...


did all go as planned?

Inquiring MizFitMind and all....