Thursday, October 9, 2008

Why Can't You Just Leave??

Ugh, this week is flying by too fast for me! I completely forgot that pharmacy exam classes at work started this week so I've been scrambling to get ready before my first class. It would have helped if I had remembered to order my book a couple of weeks ago instead of on Monday. So, I really haven't done any reading before class today! They just sent us the syllabus on Monday (which made me remember about it!) and expected us to have 7 chapters read by today. Ummmm, not happening! I'll just wing it this week like I did back in college. (And, how did that work for you, Ms. Jodi? No comment!)

You know how I guessed I'd have a great week with food and exercise going wonderfully?  Food is great, exercise is tough! I am just so exhausted and I can't shake it...almost like I have mono for the 5 millionth time. I even have felt myself nodding off for a couple seconds while working. I don't have problems falling asleep at night and don't think I have had any sleep disturbances besides the alarm in the morning! I have tried napping this week after bringing Giggleman to work which has cut down my exercise time. Napping is not helping, so workouts are back on my schedule.

I'm also retaining water like crazy this week!  My engagement ring will not budge. Yes, it is my wonderful true TOM. A while back I complained about the spotty cycle where it showed up for a day or two, left for a while and came back for another day or so. Well, last month my TOM came and never really left...just changed from heavy dark deluge to dark pink light drizzle...and now I'm at the true dark shedding again.  I was put on Yasmin last year to control this issue, but my body is saying "Screw you! I'll do what I want just to spite your synthetic help!" I've dealt with funky period issues since age 16 so I'm not shocked by anything. I'm sure my iron is running low due to my extended visitor, so I know this is one reason for my exhaustion. If Aunt Flo doesn't leave by the end of the week, I'll check out the gyno that my mom mentioned. Her work friend has a daughter with issues like mine and is doing so much better. I know I have PCOS (it took a neurologist checking out my blood work and past ultrasounds/MRIs/other tests 3 years ago to finally lead my doctor towards that diagnosis), and he has mentioned the possibility of endometriosis a long time ago but he hasn't chosen to check further. (And I haven't pushed him either...I know I need to be my own advocate!) As I've mentioned in other posts, my doctor is no longer so cool and on top of things (like how he dealt with thyroid issues), so I have to find one who can help. I've delayed looking due to the lack of insurance while I was temping (and not wanting to pay high COBRA charges), but I've been fully insured since April and still am procrastinating. So, part of this is my fault! 

I really didn't mean to make this whole post a complaint! Sorry!

In other news, I watched the Biggest Loser last night without reading any recaps beforehand! Do you know how hard it is not to read FatBridesmaid's recap when I get home? She is spot on! I want the Brown team gone already, too! Also, I have a PPP update. Still missing! I know it is at home somewhere. Giggleman said he will find it for me by tonight. He has a knack for finding all my missing stuff.  He better find it or his crown will be tarnished :)  I need to get dressed for class, so I'll be back with a more cheery update tomorrow!