Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Everything is Sunshine and Sparkles!

First of all, I'm stoked that Obama won the election! As I said yesterday, he didn't win our state but he didn't lose by a landslide either! I'm also happy about the abortion bill going down. When they interviewed the ringleader of those who got it on the ballot, all she had to say was the third time will be the charm! I'm sorry, but even with making exceptions this time, you didn't get any more people to vote for it than the first. Give up! Oh well, I guess I have to admire her perseverance. I had to work so I missed getting to watch all the results hoopla, but Giggleman taped Obama's acceptance speech. He knows my geeky political side too well. Then, I had a lovely conversation with my crazy Republican friend where he let me know how much I'm going to enjoy Socialism. We had a rousing debate about health care until he started whining about other things. I heard a funny commercial this morning about how the nation will be all sunshine and raining candy canes for now on since we made this the end it said Same Crap, New President. Guess we'll have to see!

I had my dentist appointment today. I was there for about 25 minutes at the most! I had a lovely x-ray for where my cap was and then I sat watching TV until he came in. Unfortunately, my fix isn't just bond the bugger back in and everything will be cool. Of course not, this is my life! My remaining real tooth left in there is so miniscule and weak so that won't work. He said that they could do something called tooth lengthening where they mess with the gum and bone below it, but it would still be weak and would probably crack again. So, he recommended that I go get the tooth extracted by an oral surgeon, wait 6 weeks or so for it to heal, and then getting a bridge or something else put in. Ummmm, ok? I didn't understand half of what he meant...the only time I've been to an oral surgeon was when my wisdom teeth were removed, and I had a lovely bruise on my cheek for awhile. I just nodded in agreement and am hoping that insurance covers well! So, I get to look goofy for awhile! The spot where I'm now missing a tooth except for a stub is pretty noticable when I open my mouth. Lovely! I did get one piece of good news at the dentist. They offer free teeth whitening every six months to their patients. Guess I hadn't been there since they moved locations...oops! So now I can have sparkling white teeth for free!

I have to do some homework and other fun stuff, so I'll be back again later!