Friday, November 14, 2008

Taking Care of Me!

Helllloooo out there! It's been quiet here for the past few days...sorry! But, I have been doing well with food this week and have been tracking! I said I was going to post totals here, but I did that back when I was doing South Beach and nobody is really interested unless you have awesome recipes and such. I don't. My food is boring! Instant oatmeal, cereal, peanut butter and banana wraps (I Heart Flat Out Wraps, BTW!), chicken, broccoli, turkey burgers, oranges, apples, and other mixed frozen vegetables do not make entertaining reads. Once I am a culinary goddess, I could change my mind!

I just got back from my regular dental checkup...marking the second dentist visit in two weeks. Here is a tip from me to you: Do not go back to school, quit work and lose insurance, and then return to work and be too absentminded to set up appointments. My lovely crown issue made me realize how neglectful of my body I've been in the past three one should be shocked to hear that I gained back all that weight I lost during this period.  I have two more dentist appointments next with my dentist to repair another chipped tooth that I didn't notice and one with the oral surgeon to get the tooth that had the crown yanked out. The dentist also gave me an estimate of what it would cost to repair the one that is getting yanked. He wants me to do an implant which costs $1900 and is NOT covered by insurance. Plus, I'd have another oral surgeon visit for part of the procedure. Or, I can do a bridge which will be weaker but is partially covered and only be out $1000. Crap! All this for one tooth? He also recommended a gum shaving for my top front teeth. I've always been extra gummy in pictures, my teeth look small, and it's annoying. So, I'll probably do that sometime next year.

Next task: find a new doctor and set up an appointment! I know I keep saying this, but I will make it happen this month! I haven't been to one since last November when I knew my benefits were going away due to switching jobs and not wanting to pay COBRA beaucoup bucks. In that appointment, he went over my lab work, talked about my lack of energy issues, and gave me a bunch of samples of Synthroid. I'm assuming that my thyroid levels were actually low, and I was too dumb to ask that day. He never used to be one to throw pills at me like candy at a parade! He used to be so on top of things until he got remarried. Then, I had to guide him to making a diagnosis. A neurologist that saw me in 2005 when I was going through hell found things that my doctor missed and sent the info to him and advised I should hear from him in the next week about new meds, etc. I didn't hear a peep until he ran into my family in the hospital with my grandma THREE MONTHS LATER! I should have changed doctors then, but I figured I'd give him another chance! I should have been more proactive as well, so I know I'm part of the problem. Heck, he's been my doctor since age 4, used to be head of family practice at the hospital, and never pushed any weight programs or had any other fat doctor horror issues I've read about. But, he knows squat about PCOS and as I said, he just doesn't seem to figure out problems anymore!

I also finished signing up for benefits next year. I already had my health insurance and 401k since becoming official, but this year I had a ton of other options to go through plus make any other changes. For instance, for a small payroll deduction, I could choose to add up to one more week of vacation time to the already generous amount given. Even better, if I donated a larger amount to the United Way, I could wear blue jeans for two days each week next year. How sad is it that I upped my donation solely due to that fact? Sure, I'm helping people, but I get to experience FREEDOM FROM DRESS PANTS AND SKIRTS!

I'm off to workout before heading to work, so I'll cut off this ramble now and be back tomorrow with a killer weigh-in (I HOPE THERE IS CHANGE!!!)


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delurking to wish you weighinluck and a great weekend.

gonna post about it for us?