Monday, November 10, 2008

Let it Snow!

Contrary to my title, I DO NOT WANT MORE SNOW!! We were lucky last week and only got about an inch of that white stuff to stick around. People forget how to handle driving in the snow every year...too fast and they end up in a ditch or too slow and they end up getting rammed in the back end. I'm a perfect driver, of course :)

First, my weigh-in. I thought I put in great effort last week and I get a big goose egg! 0.0. Zilch. Nada! I had my internal pity party for about 20 minutes in my WW meeting. Then, my motivation refueled after listening to a particular success story. There was one man at my meeting who looked pretty darn fit and healthy. I was wondering where the wife that must have dragged him in here was! Well, he earned a star at our meeting for losing weight. Not just 5, 10, 20, or 50 pounds. HE LOST 150 POUNDS SINCE JANUARY 15TH THIS YEAR! Holy shit! He said that a group of guys from his workplace joined a meeting at work and all were kicking ass! He was doing the Core program and working out a bit more. I'm still wowed. He has lost an average of 15 pounds a month. And here I am trying to get a 5 pound loss to stay after 7 weeks. I never have had such issues with dropping weight when I worked at it before. So WTF is my problem now?

Well, Angie gave me a little kick in the butt in her email yesterday. She is so good about it...she had a great post about being accountable and calling people out on excuses last week too. She let me know about how she lost weight when she couldn't move by being awesome on the nutrition front. Thanks, Angie!! I thought I was doing well, but being honest, I'm half-assing it. I am back to rarely eating breakfast, sometimes miss lunch, and then let Giggleman make dinner decisions. He usually cooks, but sometimes I come home to pizza or chicken wings. Not cool! So, I'm taking control over my kitchen again and will be planning each and every meal. I blame my tiredness on my thyroid which is whacked, but truly, I'm not giving my body the stuff it needs to keep running. That is why I crash! Starting tomorrow, I'm going to begin posting my meals here also. If you see that I'm missing something, smack me!

Off to study so I'll be back later with more updates!