Monday, November 17, 2008

Infomercials are Products of the Devil!

Before I start rambling, let me get my weigh-in digits out of the way. I had a good week...staying within my points, eating breakfast (I know it is the most important meal of the day, but I tend to skip it too often!), and getting some exercise in (not as much as the week before, but better than nothing!). Would the scale reflect my changes on Saturday? YES!!  I lost 2.8 pounds!! This loss is my biggest drop since joining WW and the BLBE. Losing so much slower than before is so frustrating, but maybe it means I am doing the right things to keep it off this time.

I just got back from my dentist appointment with a numb left side of my mouth and an aching right jaw. Lovely! My dentist has personal TVs in each room that swivel so they are parallel to the ceiling. It doesn't help much once his head gets in the way! So anyway, while he worked, the morning talk show stopped and infomercial time began. Joy! The dental hygienist started talking about how she got sucked into something called the Bender Ball. She ended up getting sent two instead of one and was charged for both. When calling in, the rep told her she could keep the second for 10 bucks or wait for return labels and credits. Today, the infomercial for Malibu Pilates was on the TV. I had never heard of it and saw Susan Lucci on the screen. Geez, she promotes the makeup, has clothes on one of the shopping channels, and now is spewing exercise products?  Acting isn't lucrative enough? From what I gathered, it has to do with pilates moves on a chair. I kept thinking, "Wow, what lame person thought of this?" Then, Mari Winsor pops on the screen a bit later. I should have guessed...she is the one who sucked me into her pilates videos back when I lost a ton of weight. (I think they are great and would use them if I could find where they were packed in the last move!) Now, I can't get the darn chair out of my head.

Self: "Ooh, I could do that while I'm watching TV or at the computer!"

Brain: "Just say no. Do you really think you'd get any real cardio?"

Self: "But look! They just showed how their heart rate increased!"

Brain: "Get some use of the exercise tools you have now, and then we'll discuss this purchase."

Yes, I have a problem!

Also, I have one last piece of cool news. Despite the slow loss, I have officially went down a size in pants!  Last week, I realized my pant legs were dragging when I walked. Doing more research, I discovered I could pull my pants down without unbuttoning or unzipping. So, I decided to buy some new ones...I tried on a few different styles in different sizes. The ones a size smaller looked and fit better on me than the others. So, woohoo!

Time to find something mushy for lunch, so I'll be back tomorrow with more updates!


SeaShore said...

Congrats on your loss and needing a smaller size! Hope your jaw feels better soon.

Julie said...

Great WI!!

Your posts always make me smile. Love the informercial story.

becklette said...

lol! i love the "research" that leads to discovering you can pull your pants down without undoing them! last time i went down a size, i was sitting at my desk after going to the bathroom and noticing how saggy my jeans were, so i decided that the next time i went (ummm, in like, an hour) i would try to pull them down all done up and it totally worked! and then i did a little happy dance alone in my office bathroom.

Cammy said...

Yaay for lost weight and smaller pants--a double blessing! :)