Monday, November 3, 2008

One Way to Avoid Candy!

Hello, November!  Glad to see you and the extra hour of sleep you gave me yesterday! I am so happy that the last week of the month is over...I just had no time to do anything. My blog was feeling neglected.

I found a new way to avoid Halloween candy on Friday. Lose a cap while chewing on a Rice Krispie bar! People were offering goodies like mad at work and that was the first thing I decided to actually eat instead of save for Giggleman when I got home.  Well, somehow it yanked out my cap on my tooth! (My teeth are weakened by grinding, and that one cracked so they capped it!) I was chewing and found a really hard part...which was my tooth! I popped it back in and it will have to do until the earliest dentist appointment available on Wednesday. They also let me know that I haven't been in for a couple years! I hadn't realized I let it go so long! I've never had a cavity, so hopefully my record stays that way. Everything just a bit sticky or chewy is knocking it loose, so I'm avoiding most things until then. Guess that's one way to get rid of the pound I gained this week!

I don't think I've mentioned my lack of cooking on here. Wait, I take that back. Back when I was trying out South Beach (which was wonderful for one month), I did attempt some dishes. I guess I'm spoiled by Giggleman's talent in the kitchen. If only he was talented in cleaning up after himself! I had to make a pasta salad for a work potluck on Thursday. I could have made soup (who decided to make the theme soup and salads?) but I figured I'd never survive driving with it! I asked my mom which type of salad would be the quickest and cheapest to make. She said my favorite Spring Salad would work the best. Seriously, the way my mom makes it is the bomb! Due to the kitchen mess, I headed over to my mom's to cook (aka let her make it while I nod my head and work so slowly that she takes over). Well, I had to make it ALL myself...I even chopped the 4 or 5 cups of veggies by hand. She didn't even whip out the trusty Salad Shooter for me! Nobody died after eating the goods and many asked for the recipe. I guess the key to yum was sweetened condensed milk in the dressing. I have no idea how many points or calories it is...probably 5 zillion! I did use the light Miracle Whip and put more veggies in it though.  I don't think I'm a bad cook, I just find ways to avoid cooking!

Finally, I'm trying to read up on all the issues to vote on tomorrow. Why must every November election be so jampacked with other measures? My presidential choice is easy (Obama is getting my vote even though McCain will surely win my state. SD hasn't had a democrat win since JFK...not even when McGovern ran and he's from the state!), but then there's the US Senate and House candidates, the state house and senate candidates, 5 million measures including one to outlaw abortions, plus more I'm forgetting about. I hope the lines aren't too long!

So, I better skidaddle if I want to get everything done today. I'll be back tomorrow with more news!


Lisa aka water_nymph said...

ouch!!! hope your tooth is better soon!!

Tanya said...

That is one crappy way of avoiding candy.

I can't believe you have to vote on so many things. Seriously, I had to choose what guy I wanted to win in my riding... add up all the ridings the party wins across the country and you have the prime minister.